The NEW guest
and how to attract them

10.30am GMT - 24th March, 2021

Who are tomorrow’s guests? What are their expectations, how we do we capture those early bookings, offer a frictionless guest experience and encourage them to spend more when they get to your hotel?

During this webinar, experts from Guestline, GuestJoy, Bookassist and FBD Hotels & Resorts will be discussing who the new guests are and their booking behaviour to ensure that hoteliers are in the best position to attract these new guests, engage with them effectively and provide them with the best service and options to maximise guest spend.

Hosted by Andrew Martin, GuestJoy’s Customer Experience Manager, we’ll be looking at the end-to-end journey, how to digitise and enhance it for the guest and how to make it more efficient and effective operationally for hotels.

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Hear from...

Experts from across the industry

Clio O’Gara

Country Manager -

Andrew Martin

Customer Experience Manager - GuestJoy

Hani Krizsany

Business Development Manager - Bookassist

Andrew Kavanagh

Group Sales & Marketing Manager - FBD Hotels & Resorts

Webinar topics...

You can expect to hear about:

Understanding and catering for tomorrow’s guests - how has their booking behaviour changed and how can we attract them

 The practical steps hoteliers can take to deliver a fully integrated, seamless guest experience

Be ready to capture those early bookings, convert lookers into bookers & offer a smooth booking experience

How to maximise revenue by driving guest spend before, and during their stay

How a digitised guest journey across one platform streamlines operations and provides an enhanced guest experience

Repeat bookings– retain the guest relationship so they enjoy another experience with you

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