Guestline's two-way PMS interface to Best Western

Find out why Guestline is the biggest supplier of PMS software to Best Western GB hotels

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Guestline is the biggest supplier of PMS software to Best Western Hotels in GB with 80% of the market...

Guestline's Two-Way PMS Interface connects directly with the Best Western Central Reservations System (CRS) providing seamless availability and rates across all your channels in real-time.

Guestline's Two-Way PMS Interface was the first cloud-based system to go through the Best Western Certification programme and we now support over 270 Best Western Hotels globally.

Guestline is Best Western GB’s biggest PMS supplier, serving over 80% of its properties across the country. This trust also goes beyond the UK; we’re also supporting hotels in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

The interface features bespoke functionality to facilitate the Best Western Rewards loyalty programme where hoteliers can access guest history and membership information. In addition to this, the interface is able to notify users of any Elite Rewards selected by guests on check-in.

We are the first non-American provider offering BestREV, a dedicated revenue management system (RMS), which calculates/forecasts how full your property will be in the next 120 days and provides recommended rates to sell at for the next 45-120 days.

Guestline PMS is also compatible with the STR benchmarking to assist hotels with submitting performance figures.

I have worked with a number of PMS's throughout my career and when you start to stack them up alongside each other and do a simple, objective ‘this is what I’m looking for’, Guestline ticks so many boxes. It’s a reliable, good value PMS, and that responsiveness, integrated side of things is really, really important.

Rob Paterson
Former CEO, Best Western GB

Rob Paterson

Former CEO
Best Western Hotels GB

Rebecca Hardcastle

Events Co-ordinator
Best Western Dean Court, York

Steve Bailey

Interim General Manager
Best Western Dean Court, York

But don't just take our word for it...

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