Liberate more profit for that refurb you've been after

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Actually scrap that, its a tyrant.
You should have switched to Guestline years ago!

At Guestline, we believe in substance and results over superficial style...



That's why every 6 hours a new hotel goes live with Guestline

That's why on average 2 Opera sites per week are migrating to Guestline

That's why we have a 98% retention rate with our clients

That's why we've been delivering proven ROI for our clients for 25 years


And our customers can prove it!

Aviator by Tag - Return on Investment

The team at the Aviator Hotel by Tag talk ROI since taking on Guestline's solutions


Increase in ARR

Using Channel Manager to drive business from OTAs and manage revenue & rates. Corus Hotels also increased the average daily rate for their 8 provincial hotels by introducing occupancy driven rates by lead-time.


Increase in Direct Bookings

With the online booking module and simple rate adjustments, the hotel are attracting more online bookings.


Increase in Revenue

The systems allow the hotel to identify profit opportunities. As such, they have been able to maximise total revenue potential from non-residential sales and increase spend per guest. The hotel is now also attracting more direct bookings.

2 hours

Saved across the group per day

Guestline's automated processes have saved the team at IHMG 2 hours per day across the group. The group can now access centralised figures and scheduled reports are emailed direct to the regional managers.

Now is the time
to change...



Time waits for no hotelier
...nor do your guests or competitors

Consider this from your peers...


"We were very hesitant to change, but knew we had to provide a better service for our customers"

The Guestline solutions are very versatile and even with multiple capabilities, they are easy to manage. I never thought I would love it so much!

"We are already benefitting from the system by way of bookings and revenue in a relatively short period of time"

The on-site support from the local team has been invaluable and we know they are on hand to assist us if required.

"We deliberated for months over whether we needed a new system - now we wish we'd opted for it sooner!"

We're discovering new time-saving processes every day which enables us to implement operation efficiencies. The support we get from Guestline is second to none.

"We see Guestline as an extension of our own business"

We see Guestline as an extension of our own business, they have helped us turn around the whole management of the hotel, they have been with us every step of the way.

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