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Liberate staff from the mundane

Rezlynx PMS automates routine tasks and provides your team with the tools and insights required to make their daily lives easier.

This frees up valuable time to deliver a more authentic, more personal service to your guests.

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Safe, secure, compliant and in the cloud

Fully configurable, PCI compliant, and featuring a comprehensive rate and availability management tool that is updated in real time, our mobile-friendly cloud-hosted solution is flexible enough to support any sized hotel or group.

And with visibility of all your online distribution channels, including leading OTAs and the GDS, as well as other Guestline and third party systems, you can manage bookings, operations and a wide range of other functionality from a single location.

Rezlynx PMS in a nutshell

  • A single solution that supports Front Office, Reservations, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Revenue Management, and Accounting teams
  • Cloud-based software for any device
  • 3rd Party interfaces to enhance and complement existing functionality
  • Guest payments simplified with GuestPay
  • Certified 2-ways Best Western CRS interface
  • Secure and compliant with global and local requirements

Smooth operations


Set up and manage everything it takes to operate efficiently, right across the guest journey

Get booking

Give front desk teams real-time availability to manage reservations from all sources and promote upsells


Leverage superior guest data to personalise greetings and scale upsell opportunities


Connect all services and facilities to deliver a more complete experience for your guests


Automatically email invoices to guests and swiftly process payments with GuestPay

Developed with every department in mind…

We know every area of a hotel has different requirements from a PMS, so here you can envision how Rezlynx PMS will benefit your particular area of expertise:

Maximise Occupancy, Average Daily Rate and RevPAR

Simplify optimising room and package rates with the Rate Management module

  • Define room types, products, supplements and packages
  • Set rules, stock and overbookings by date against the overall room stock or per room type
  • Optimise rates with restrictions and exceptions
  • Authorise nominated users to override availability or rates
  • Enhance existing functionality – see RMS interfaces available here
  • Import from an Excel or apply from the PMS rate plans
  • Visualise in the PMS or export in pdf, CSV, direct print or email – all reports deliver a clear view over rate and occupancy performance

Liberate Time to Delight

Empower your Front Desk team to provide a better service to your guests with all the data they need to hand

The right information at the right time

  • Instant overview of which rooms are available for which nights
  • Clear run-down on performance against the main daily KPIs
  • In-depth overview of your guests' past, current and future reservations
  • Automatic guest profile alerts on guest preferences, enabling staff to deliver a more personal service

Save time & streamline tasks

  • Pop-ups help staff identify inconsistencies, missed or pending info
  • Pointers on each screen to show staff what to do next & what's outstanding
  • Favourite screens and shortcuts can be customised to each user
  • Single-screen multiple tabs help staff complete tasks in a single interaction
  • Translates into English, German, Spanish and Dutch

Smoother, more efficient processes

  • Link each reservation to multiple profiles (guests and contact)
  • Simplify making multi-room reservations
  • Generate contextual, personalised upsells
  • Simplify holding a reservation, managing waiting lists and converting them into bookings
  • Automatically release groups and room block allocations before x number of nights
  • Integrate rooms with restaurant and spa bookings
  • Log new room maintenance issues and assign to staff
  • Log the details of a Lost or Found item against a reservation and guest profile
  • Today’s arrivals/residents, and late check-outs are automatically highlighted
  • Allocate rooms to arrivals individually or automatically in a batch
  • Check-in/out multiple bookings at once
  • Add mobile or kiosk check-in/out. The interfaces available are here

Be Brilliant at the Basics

The smarter, more efficient way to connect housekeeping, maintenance and the front desk

Housekeeping on the move

  • Forecast the most effective daily rota based on occupancy and availability per day & produce a 'Daily sheets' task report for each housekeeper
  • Analyse room usage & allocate rooms automatically per housekeeping team based on length of stay, departmental shifts or any other criteria
  • Keep mobile housekeepers updated with the room notes as well as which products to refill in each room
  • ‘Q-Rooms’ alert housekeepers that guests have arrived, allowing them to prioritise rooms
  • Enhance functionality with the housekeeping app interfaces

Take care of your assets

  • Log new room maintenance issues in single or multiple rooms and assign to a staff member
  • Update maintenance task status as soon as they are delivered
  • List long-term issues in addition to date-specific ones
  • Keep track of room inventory e.g mobile heaters, Z beds and cots
  • Update availability by highlighting rooms out of services or deducted from stock (DFS)

Take care of guest property

  • Log the details of Lost or Found items against a reservation and guest profile

Financials Controlled

Manage cash flow more effectively.

  • Get a per-account view on debt age, invoices (debits), credit notes & payments (credits)
  • Set company profiles credit limit and accumulating subsidiary balances per account
  • Add notes/activities to assist with credit control
  • Allocate credit notes & payments to invoices, adjust the payment value/amount & reassign invoices to another account
  • Report unmatched debits and credits and company profiles credit facility before chasing
  • Generate end-of-day reports automatically and distribute by email at the close the day
  • Enhance your existing functionality with the finance and accounting systems interfaces available here

Grow more 'Best Guests'

Engage guests consistently (and brilliantly!) right across their journey

  • Grow a deeper, more profitable relationship with your guests using branded and automated email and statement templates
  • Add promotional codes and hyperlinks to your social media channels to drive conversion and repeat visits
  • Schedule automatic emails or SMS guest notifications (e.g. booking confirmation, check-in, bill)
  • Translate email templates to the guest’s or contact’s preferred language
  • Enhance functionality with the CRM interfaces available here
  • Import from an excel or apply from the PMS rate plans
  • Visualise in the PMS or export in pdf, CSV, direct print or email – all reports deliver a clear view over rate and occupancy performance

Why Rezlynx PMS?

Delight more

Free staff from operational complications and liberate them to work on creating a better experience for your guests

Save more

Drive down operating costs (above and beyond savings on IT and maintenance) with a unified, integrated solution

Profit more

An ever-evolving solution that grows with you, goes further to optimise your offering, and upsell at every opportunity


Introducing GuestVoucher

Delight your guests and hotel teams

Offer monetary or experience vouchers to your guests with simple reconciliation for your team. The voucher solution is integrated into our PMS, which means no more spreadsheet mess or double-redeemed vouchers.

Boost direct revenue and upselling opportunities

Gift vouchers provide a way to generate revenue in advance, even before guests redeem them. This can be especially helpful during low seasons when hotel occupancy may be lower. Offering vouchers as part of seasonal promotions can capitalise on increased gift-giving tendencies, further boosting sales. Guest who redeem gift vouchers may also be more open to spending additional money on hotel amenities, dining, or upgrades, thereby further increasing revenue.

The devil is in the detail...

We haven't just built a PMS, we've developed a multi-functional, time-saving set of deeply-integrated tools for you and your staff.

Guestline's Rezlynx PMS is the result of over 25 years of product development and feedback from our large user-base. Below are just a few examples of the many helpful benefits that make Rezlynx PMS the leading property management system for UK's independent hotels.

Centralised management

Create and manage bookings for multiple properties from a single location, on any web-capable device.

Easy rate plans

Develop and manage rate and availability plans and set up rules, all of which are updated in real time.

Region-specific accounting

Apply local city taxes and generate country specific reports mandated by local authorities.


Customise user accounts easily to quickly access commonly used features.

Branded email templates

Benefit from a secure and compliant system. Payments and profiles are backed up and securely processed to adhere to Level 1 PCI Certification and GDPR

Manage mid-stay room moves

Transfer reservations from one property to another or manage a mid-stay move to another room type without having to create a new reservation.

From project kick off right through to go live, our team will be on hand to offer advice and support throughout the implementation process. We'll not only ensure your systems are set up for your needs and are safe, fast, and secure, but through hands-on training sessions we'll equip you and your staff with the expertise you need to get the best from your solutions.

Sabina Smith-Thomas
Head of Account Services, Guestline

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We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • How would we change from our current PMS to you?

    This can seem like a daunting task, but there is no need to worry. Our highly experienced team will guide you through the process and recommend the best way to start and complete the transition.

    From the point of receiving your signed order, you will be allocated a Project Manager. In the final implementation period, an experienced Guestline Trainer will be on-site to ensure the process is as pain free as possible.

  • What happens to all of our historical bookings when we change over?

    This can depend on your current software and how easy it is to export the existing data. However, we have a range of tools that will allow us to import profile and reservation data into Rezlynx PMS as part of the go-live process.

    Many new clients take the opportunity to have a fresh start and import just their customer database. They treat the data entry of bookings at go-live as a training exercise which then gives the teams confidence when they take the system live. Either way, our implementation teams will be on hand to guide you through the process.

  • Does your software work on any device? Are there any minimum specs our computers need?

    The device doesn’t typically matter. Being web based gives a lot of flexibility. We recommend Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Firefox. If you're running an up to date version of Windows, or OSX, running the above browsers, then Rezlynx PMS will be compatible.

  • What other companies do you integrate with?

    We integrate with an extensive range of third party solutions from partners who share our appetite for innovation and improvement. Click here for our full range.

  • What sort of properties is Guestline designed for?

    Guestline products come in varying shapes and sizes with a variety of modules. This means that we cater for small independent operations, small groups, pub chains, multi-national groups, apartment providers and much more.


But don't just take our word for it...

Take a look through some of our success stories to discover how our property management solution has helped some of world's leading hotels and resorts.

Talash Hotel Group

Rezlynx PMS has given the management team the ability to switch between sites at the simple click of a button, providing the consolidated overview they so desperately required.

Coombe Abbey Hotel

Our solutions have helped Coombe Abbey Hotel increase revenue by 18%. They've also seen a 75% increase in occupancy.

Corus Hotels Group

With Rezlynx PMS, the hotel operate on a much more flexible basis which enables them to be far more efficient as they grow and adapt to changes within the industry.

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