Guestline Insights – Hotel data visualisation tool​

Unleash the power of your hotel data to optimise business and operational performance and level up guest experience.

Time to lead with data

Make better, faster decisions and measure the impact of strategic changes with our accurate, reliable and user-friendly hotel data visualisation tool.

Built from the ground up for hoteliers using state-of-the-art technology, Insights provides you with the data you need so you can spend time where it counts and successfully adapt to any commercial challenges. 

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Be knowledgeable, curious, innovative and successful ​

Leading a business and setting revenue strategy in fast-paced, dynamic and uncertain times is tough. More so when the industry you are in has been so heavily impacted by necessary government measures. But hospitality will bounce back, and we are building the tools that will help you adapt and thrive. ​

We know you can’t afford distractions and inefficiencies, and you’ve told us you want to focus on what you can control. ​

Guestline Insights is a data visualisation tool for hoteliers. It complements hotel PMS operational reports to help general managers, marketing managers, revenue managers and property owners understand business performance and find new ways of maximising occupancy and revenue. It supports you to identify trends and understand underlying metrics. It highlights areas that need improvement and can help you to deliver a better guest experience or be more efficient with resources, all while saving your most precious resource - time.​

Insights in a nutshell​

  • Accurate and GDPR compliant metrics with aggregated PMS data updated automatically once a day​
  • On the go key business performance dashboards and reports – manager’s flash; pick up and pace; cancellations; booked revenue; guest profiles and room occupancy – accessible on any device and any modern browser​
  • Per property and consolidated reporting capability for groups​
  • User-friendly and reliable tool with easy navigation, metrics calculation explanation, relevant filters, and period customisation for better analytics​
  • Security first with access only for designated staff​

The Knowledge Process


Automatically extract aggregated PMS data once a day from one or more properties​


Accessible from any device: view user-friendly dashboards and export daily reports to CSV​


Drill down and filter reports to help you understand the high-level performance


Make informed business and operational decisions and adjust systems and processes accordingly


Track the performance of your strategy and learn what works, for better and consistent results

  • Group or independent properties - Owners & General Managers

    Easily monitor key performance metrics​

    • Track business performance and commercial recovery with a full year performance dashboard, including bookings, cancellations, and a rolling average net bookings chart.​
    • Get a quick snapshot of aggregated performance for a specific period in the past, present or future and see how it compares with last year. If you want, go deeper and drill down into per property with contextualised filters per metric including:​
      • Bookings by channel​
      • Booked revenue by market segment​
      • Room occupancy by booking source​
      • ARR and RevPAR​
      • Lead time by channel​
      • And many more​
  • Group or independent properties - Revenue & Marketing Managers

    Understand pick up, cancellations and pace to make informed decisions faster​

    • Track lost bookings, nights and revenue by arrival date in a specific period compared with last year. This is particularly important when governments update lockdown measures which may lead to cancellations.​
    • Align sales and marketing activities based on booking pickup performance. Understand how many bookings were created, the average lead time, length of stay, ARR and view longer term trends with the net bookings visual.​
    • Understand guest characteristics and market segment dynamics with the guest profile report. Learn where your guests come from, how much they pay, and spot trends you can act on quickly to increase profitability. ​
  • General

    Accurate and reliable data at your fingertips​

    • User-friendly and mobile responsive dashboards and reports follow material design guidelines for easy navigation on any device or browser.​
    • Available in multiple languages.​
    • Secure log-in with access managed at the user level to protect your commercially sensitive data.​
    • Data is cleaned, aggregated and refreshed automatically once a day from Guestline Rezlynx PMS.​
    • The underlying aggregated data in Insights can easily be exported into CSV so you can build custom reports.​

With Guestline Insights you can​:

Know more

View key metrics quickly with mobile responsive dashboards. Or go deeper by applying filters and tracking performance against last year

Save Time

Visibility of accurate and business-critical metrics in one place at property or group level – no need to run multiple manual reports

Delight more

Immediately spot actionable insights and trends, understand more about who your guests are, and plan resources in the most efficient way

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We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Is Guestline Insights an agnostic solution?

    Guestline Insights integrates only with Guestline Rezlynx cloud PMS. See how your property can benefit from our PMS here.

  • Are there costs associated with Guestline Insights?

    The current Guestline Insights functionality is included in Guestline Rezlynx PMS fee. We hope our data visualisation tool provides you the data you need so you can spend time where it counts and successfully adapt to any commercial challenges. 

  • What is the technology that Guestline Insights use?

    Guestline Insights was built from the ground up for hoteliers using state-of-the-art technology. We follow material design guidelines, so it is user-friendly and mobile responsive as well as event-driven architecture & Microsoft Azure SQL to be able to process PMS data securely and efficiently and to easily add new visual layers or filters to future and past data.

  • How many times a day is Guestline Insights updated with PMS data?

    Guestline Insights tool is fully integrated with Guestline Rezlynx PMS and it is automatically updated once a day after the end of day is run for all properties (if a group).

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