Guest Payments Simplified

A transparent and secure omni-channel solution with faster access to your funds

Say goodbye to the frustrations of managing multiple providers and the lack of visibility of your payment process and costs. You need a single, dedicated omni-channel provider who simplifies the process, negotiates better rates on your behalf and gives you faster access to your funds.

GuestPay in a nutshell

  • One provider
  • One centralised view of data
  • One guest payment experience
  • One end-to-end integrated solution

The Payment Process Simplified


Guest pays on the hotel's website, OTA, via phone or POS terminal


Guestline acts as the payment processor and acqurier


Payment is approved and a token stored against the reservation


Funds are released to the hotel's bank account within the next working day

Key Benefits of GuestPay from Guestline

Rapid process

One provider, one point of contact, aggregated view of transactions, end to end automated payment process integrated with your operational systems.

Enhanced experience

Offer the types of payment methods and currencies that are preferred by your guests regardless of the payment interface or stage in the guest journey.

Healthier financials

Faster payment authorisation and settlements will improve your cash flow. Guestline’s pre-negotiated competitive rates for Independent hoteliers will reduce costs and provide transparency on fees.

Peace of mind

GuestPay is fully secure and compliant throughout the guest payment process. If you have any questions, Guestline is your sole point of contact for setup and support, available 365 days a year.

One provider for eCommerce, MOTO and Chip & Pin transactions

Whether taking payment through your website, face to face with a terminal or via telephone, Guestline have you covered.

Fully compliant, certified and secure: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and PSD2 3D Secure, Visa Account Update and Mastercard Account update and check postcode, house number and security code validation (SCV) in each transaction.

Accept face-to-face payments

Counter-top or mobile Chip & PIN payment terminals allow you to take payments from national and international major cards types, schemes and alternative payments methods such as ApplePay at the reception, bar or table.

Fully compliant, certified and secure: Europay, Martercard and Visa (EMV), Point-to-point encryption (P2PE v2.0) available on request, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) and Two-factor authentication (2FA).

Faster authorisation and settlement

GuestPay handles the acquirers too; integrated with the payment gateway, card network and the property's bank. Access the Payments Portal for real-time dashboards and full visibility of your transactions.

At Guestline we're committed to creating More GuestTime for our clients

Each of our products have been built with the end user in mind - automating mundane processes and shortening workflows to ensure your time is spent where it should be; with your guests.
GuestPay is no exception.

Easy reconciliation

Daily reports run at 2am to include late transactions, then access a single consolidated statement through our Payment Portal​

Faster​ resolution

All implementation and support is provided by Guestline. No more dealing with multiple providers

Faster access to funds

​Settlements made one day after the transaction (T+1) for domestic debit/credit cards. (Excludes weekends & Bank Holidays)

Got questions?

We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What type of payments does GuestPay cover?
    GuestPay covers only payments made by card or alternative payment methods (debit/credit) either online, over the phone or in person in a terminal. It doesn't include vouchers, cashback, cash or direct debit transactions.
  • Does GuestPay apply for Guestline 3rd party solutions?
    GuestPay, was designed together with Secure Trading to integrate seamlessly with Guestline's own products. So you may have a different provider for 3rd party solutions if you're not using Secure Trading.
  • Can current PEDs be reused?
    Unfortunately, for security and performance reasons current PEDs from a different provider cannot be reused. Guestline payment terminals are required.
  • When do settlements happen?
    By default, GuestPay settlement cut off is at 2am every day except weekends and the hotel settlement is processed on Transaction + 1 day (T+1) for domestic debit/credit card, except weekends and bank holidays.
  • Is GuestPay eCommerce Payment Gateway 3DS secure?
    Yes, GuestPay eCommerce Payment Gateway and Guestline DBM are 3D Secure.

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