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The best accolade for any hospitality venue though is when guests enjoy their experience and book again, leave a positive review, book a room, and promote your venue to friends and family.​ Guestline EPoS will streamline your F&B and hotel operations, helping you deliver the stand-out service your guests will never forget.

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Integrate the full guest experience​

Food & Beverage (F&B) offerings have been paramount for Hotels & Pubs to match guest expectations and to diversify to new revenue streams such as non-residents, delivery, conferences and banqueting.However, with so many ordering channels and target audiences to cover, working manually and in silos is not an option anymore. 

By automating your F&B operations and integrating them with your PMS, you'll deliver a seamless end to end experience for your guests as well as enhance guest folio and profile for improving future interactions.

To accomplish this you must invest in the right underlying technology, such as Guestline EPoS.​ Your staff will find it quick and easy to use which minimises 'screen time' and allows them to focus on delighting your guests.

EPoS in a nutshell​

  • Intuitive and flexible EPoS software for terminals, desktops, and tablets
  • Configure operations in the back office and update multiple terminals
  • Let your guests order online, at the bar, or table
  • Let your guests enjoy their meal at home, in their room, or in your venue
  • Enable guests to pay the full stay bill by posting F&B items to your PMS
  • Track F&B performance with reports and dashboards
  • Run EPoS on state-of-the-art hardware
  • Enhance and complement EPoS functionality with 3rd Party interfaces that matter to you

Slick operations, outstanding service​


Set up venue layout, menu, modifiers, discounts and more from the back office to all your terminals


Let guests order online, at the bar or table via the waiter's tablet, for take-away, delivery or eat in​


Send detailed meal orders directly to kitchen printers for a seamless and accurate handover between waiters and chefs​


Take any kind of payment at the bar, at the table or post directly to the guest's room in the PMS​


Keep track of F&B operations and automatically post z reads to the PMS​

  • Back office – F&B Managers

    Tailored and secure Food & Beverage (F&B) operations

    • Configure EPoS based on your operations and menu to boost performance 
      • Work as one, connect in real-time to as many terminals as needed from the back office
      • Match user groups and rights to your operational processes for security purposes
      • Easily build visual menus with up to 60 PLU item buttons on the screen (i.e. colour, size, position and tabs) and present venue layouts as picture, diagrams or grids
      • Translate receipts and price look-up (PLU) items to multiple languages
      • Configure marketing campaigns with discount rules per category, items and/or times of the day and leverage bills and receipts to promote them
    • Get all the insights you need during the day
      • End of day non-room sales and payments are automatically transferred to Guestline Rezlynx PMS when performing a Z read
      • Use X read to run Z read reports throughout the day to enhance control of your shifts and cash management
      • Get revenue breakdown by revenue centre, per outlet (e.g. function, locality and bar) and per stream (e.g. lunch, breakfast, dinner or drinks)
      • Export reports to excel or print out for stock takers or visualise them in dashboards available through Power BI desktop
    • Get periodic and remote EPoS auto-updates, learn how here
  • Venue Room – Waiters

    Personalised and seamless experience

    • Expand audience beyond residents, let guests enjoy their meal where it is allowed, comfortable, and safe for them - either at the restaurant/pub, room, take-away, or home. Take orders:
      • Online via website or delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats. Guestline EPoS integrates with Deliverect to automate the full process;
      • At the table on a staff tablet with Guestline EPoS Mobile; or
      • In the traditional way with Guestline EPoS
    • Secure login with user password, PIN, swipe card, or biometric reader
    • Assign tables to residents by looking up their rooms and names in the PMS or allocate items to ‘temporary tables’ when it’s a full house or managing take away orders
    • Flexible, maximised and quick orders
      • Search items easily either by scrolling up/down on the menu categories or text search and get the stock automatically with PLU countdown
      • Answer any question about what a dish/drink includes or how it is prepared by having PLU information at your fingertips
      • Introduce relevant promotions with pop-up messages and ask all the complementary questions the Chef demands to prepare tasteful meals with multilayer modifiers
      • Void an item and state a reason to enable better reporting before sending to the kitchen without cancelling the full order 
      • Add miscellaneous items to attend a special request upon Chef approval such as vegetarian, allergy or child option
      • Attach a standard or specific message to (re)orders to make sure the Chef understands the request
      • The order of courses is grouped automatically based on category, however, if guests request it can be changed
      • Track activity per table with a colour based venue layout to guarantee guests are having a good time
    • Smooth payments
      • Move items between tables and change the order of the courses on the bill without having to cancel or reorder manually
      • Apply discounts based on the setup rules – to the total bill, drinks or food only, eligible items and category 
      • Add gratuity which will be easily identifiable for the accounting team in reports
      • Split the bill if it is more convenient for guests – number of guests, specific items, or food/drink – and take the payment manually or post it to the correct room billing in the PMS based on the allowance if they are residents or in an event. 
      • Process refunds via cash, card or room posting
      • Search historic receipt journals by guest name, room, payment type, date, or terminal and reprint receipts for guests
      • Report daily wastage for better stock management
  • Kitchen – Chef

    Deliver great meals and improve kitchen efficiency​

    • Signal the waiting team when kitchen printers are down or without paper by automatically turning “Remote printer“ button in EPoS orange or red
    • Split order by kitchen section and send to multiple printers to drive efficiency regardless of how the guest has ordered

With Guestline EPoS you can​:

Save time

Streamline your restaurant/bar, kitchen, front desk and accounts, eliminating the frustrations and errors of manual entry​.

Profit more

Ever evolving and flexible software with remote auto-updates, driving a more personalised experience and increased RevPAR.

Deliver more

We’ll cover your operations, so you can focus on delivering an even better guest experience.

When design matches performance​

Get the most out of Guestline EPoS by running it on state of the art, durable, secure and compliant hardware that looks as slick as it operates:

EPoS Terminal

EPoS Rugged Tablet

GuestPay Payment Terminal

EPoS Receipt Printer

EPoS Kitchen Printer

Making a great solution even better

Enhance and complement Guestline EPoS with 3rd Party interfaces that matter to you

Online Ordering

Stock Management

Payment Gateway

Stock Management

Guest Loyalty

Spa and Wellness

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We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • How do I get started with Guestline EPoS?

    Guestline EPoS is an on-site server-based solution. Therefore, to use our EPoS, you will need a computer or server to host the EPoS data, a Microsoft Windows based EPoS terminal and/or tablet and network to connect each these devices.

  • Does it integrate with my PMS and any third party applications?

    Yes. Guestline EPoS integrates seamlessly with Guestline Rezlynx PMS. It also integrates with other 3rd party such as spa, loyalty, stock management and payment platforms to enhance and complement EPoS here.

  • Does it produce any reports?

    Yes, it produces core reports using proven Crystal Reporting technologies. Our main reporting feature has been built as an embedded Microsoft Excel report using their latest Pivot table technologies. These powerful reports can be used to manipulate and analyse your data and produce your own reports.​

    As the EPoS data is hosted by you, we can also provide access so you can connect your own report producing software such as Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Is the EPoS mobile-enabled?

    You can use Guestline EPoS on any mobile device, please speak to us to help you select the best device to use. It’s mobile enabled so staff can quickly and easily process sales across your property in any bar or restaurant.

  • Do you supply EPoS hardware?

    We supply the latest EPoS hardware. We can supply thermal receipt printers, impact printers and EPoS terminals that are running the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. We also supply a multitude of peripheral devices for the EPoS terminals, including RFID readers, Biometric Finger Print Scanners, Magnetic Swipe card readers and many more here.

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