Central Reservation System

For Independent Hotels

Central Reservation System

co-ordinates rates, bookings and inventory from a central location

Whether you manage a group of hotels or a single property, our Central Reservation System (CRS) can help you increase RevPAR, streamline operations, and make the most of your distribution channels.

By seamlessly integrating with your hotel PMS, our CRS provides you with real-time visibility of data from all your distribution channels, from phone reservation systems to OTAs and other third parties. You can co-ordinate rates, manage inventory, and identify opportunities to cross sell and upsell from a central location.

Our CRS is accessible anytime, anywhere, and is even compatible with PCI call suppression interfaces such as RedBox.

Our CRS in a nutshell

  • Increase average rates and maximise revenue
  • Configure rates and restrictions for all properties from a central location
  • Conduct availability searches across multiple sites based on specific criteria
  • Create and manage bookings with multiple segments across multiple sites

At Guestline we're committed to creating More GuestTime for our clients

Each of our products have been built with the end user in mind - automating mundane processes and shortening workflows to ensure your time is spent where it should be; with your guests.

Team knowledge

Deliver a personalised service using on-screen reminders with upsell or guest information from across your group

Central configuration

Manage rates, cleaning schedules, media codes and market segments centrally and distribute them instantly across your group

Single itinerary

Link bookings with a single reference so guests receive one itinerary, even when staying in multiple properties

Got questions?

We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What is a CRS?

    A CRS, also known as a Central Reservations System, allows users to manage reservations for all properties in their group from one central location.

  • Can I process bookings from any of our hotels from any device?

    Yes. Log into our CRS and you are able to create, modify and cancel bookings all in one place. All you need is a compatible browser, an internet connection, and your log-in details.

  • I don’t have a CRS department, will this solution still be relevant to me?

    Yes it could be. Our CRS is much more than just about bookings. In fact, it has two modules: Central Configuration & Central Reservations.

    If you manage a group of hotels, you can utilise the Central Configuration module to manage the configuration for all sites from one place. This helps maintain consistency across your properties and also saves time.

  • I manage a serviced apartment, can a CRS still benefit my business?

    Our CRS can be complimented with another module called the CIM ‘Central Invoicing Module’. Typically, apartments have different requirements when it comes to billing, so the combination of CRS and CIM will help address those unique challenges.

With our CRS, you can improve operational efficiencies and utilise data collected across your property portfolio. You can process bookings for any hotel from one single system. What's more, it's accessible 24/7 from any device.

Sabina Smith-Thomas
Head of Account Services, Guestline


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