Guestline Distribution Hub

more Control, more Agility, more Profit​

Optimise your online distribution with integrated channel management

Guestline enables you to take full control of your online presence without additional technology layer. ​

Our integrated Distribution Hub empowers you to make your inventory and rates available to the right audience at the right time. ​

Focus more on optimising your bottom line not just your occupancy and revenue. ​

Guestline Distribution Hub in a nutshell:

  • Effortlessly manage all your online sales channels from a single, user-friendly platform
  • Eliminate data silos and ensure real-time availability across all channels, saying goodbye to overbooking headaches
  • Balance your OTA commission fees across all channels and boost direct bookings
  • Unlock new revenue streams by reaching a wider audience through seamless connections to over 400 channels (ever growing list of channels)

More choice

Ensure that you are selling to the right audience, at the right time, for the optimal price and maximum exposure.

More convenience

A constantly growing choice of channels at your fingertips, with a range of add-on products.

More benefits

Working alongside our other platform products, you can enjoy time- and cost- saving benefits.

For Revenue Managers

  • Rates and inventory are managed per-channel. You’ll have pinpoint control to allow you to balance your cost of sale against occupancy ​
  • It’s all self-service – easy to use and no waiting. You’ll decide which of 400+ connections you activate, when and what rate will be available there- all at your fingertips.

For Sales & Marketing

  • Our Distribution Hub connects your PMS rates and inventory with multiple channels in real-time. Get maximum agility for your sales and marketing teams, maximum operational efficiency and built-in accuracy for your reservations teams ​
  • Reservations, modifications, and cancellations are all automatically handled and the PMS and Distribution Hub ensure that inventory is managed accordingly

For Front Office & Reservations

  • It’s seamless and safe. Incoming reservations are delivered directly and securely to the PMS with PCI compliant payment handling & tokenisation​
  • Channel-side errors or delays? Our Distribution Hub handles them automatically where possible, enabling true 24/7/365 peace of mind for online sales

For All

  • Multiple reports and dashboards enable you to monitor and optimise your distribution strategies, and make key decisions with confidence
  • Self-serve simplicity: easily connect to channels in as little as 15 minutes with hundreds of integrations at your fingertips
  • Exceptional support service: additional support is available for hoteliers who prefer a more hands-on approach

Want to learn more about what we can do for you?

Got questions?

We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Which OTAs should I connect to?

    This completely depends on the audiences you wish to target. For example, Ctrip is excellent for the Chinese market. As Guestline allows you to have as many channels as you like, why not try some out and evaluate how effective they are for your hotel?

  • How do I set up rates online?

    Rates can be straightforward or complex depending on the elements added. You will always set and control your rates in Rezlynx PMS, but they have to be mapped to work online in Channel Manager.

  • Are rates and availability automatically fed through to my channels?

    Rates and availability changes will automatically be pushed from the Guestline Distribution Hub so they are always live and up to date. Any reservations will then be passed to the Guestline PMS and each booking will include the channel name.

  • Will the system help me maintain rate parity?

    The rate parity rules have changed in recent years. However, our Guestline Distribution Hub and Rezlynx PMS maintain not only rate but room and availability parity too.

  • What connectivity does Guestline offer with my OTAs?

    Our fully integrated products offer certified two-way interfaces to OTAs with full PCI compliance. PMS availability, rates and restrictions are pushed through to the OTAs and reservations are sent in real time.


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