Hotel Channel Management

Smart hotel on-line distribution

Smarten up your channel distribution

The Channel Manager distributes your live inventory to the Global Distribution System (GDS) and thousands of online travel agencies (OTAs) worldwide. It enables you to control rates and availability in real-time from a single location, making manual updates on individual channels a thing of the past.

It can also be seamlessly integrated with Rezlynx PMS so that any bookings are automatically pulled through to your PMS, saving you valuable time and resources.

Channel Manager in a nutshell

  • Distribute inventory to key OTAs and the GDS
  • Manage rates based on defined rules
  • Maintain rate parity when required
  • Allocate inventory and hold rooms
  • Automatically distribute cancelled inventory

At Guestline we're committed to creating More GuestTime for our clients

Each of our products have been built with the end user in mind - automating mundane processes and shortening workflows to ensure your time is spent where it should be; with your guests.

Live PMS integration

Sell down to the last room, at the right rate, whilst guaranteeing rate parity and no overbookings if applicable

Automatic channel updates

Configure rate & restriction rules that are automatically deployed across all your channels in 1 click

Dashboards & reports

Use the time saved to analyse reports such us restriction grids, booking source, rate performance & more

Got questions?

We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Which OTAs should I connect to?

    This completely depends on the audiences you wish to target. For example, Ctrip is excellent for the Chinese market. As Guestline allows you to have as many channels as you like, why not try some out and evaluate how effective they are for your hotel?

  • How do I set up rates online?

    Rates can be straightforward or complex depending on the elements added. You will always set and control your rates in Rezlynx PMS, but they have to be mapped to work online in Channel Manager.

  • Are rates and availability automatically fed through to my channels?

    Rates and availability changes will automatically be pushed from the Channel Manager so they are always live and up to date. Any reservations will then be passed to Rezlynx PMS and each booking will include the channel name.

  • Will the system help me maintain rate parity?

    The rate parity rules have changed in recent years. However, our Channel Manager and Rezlynx PMS maintain not only rate but room and availability parity too.

  • What connectivity does Guestline offer with my OTAs?

    Our fully integrated products offer certified two-way interfaces to OTAs with full PCI compliance. PMS availability, rates and restrictions are pushed through to the OTAs and reservations are sent in real time.

Analyse your online effort and make strategic adjustments where required. You can manage rates effectively and centrally, expose your inventory across multiple channels and ultimately generate maximum revenue online.

Linda Gijsbertsen
Project Manager, Guestline


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But don't just take our word for it...

Take a look through some of our success stories to discover how our solutions have helped management companies drive room bookings and streamline operations across multiple sites.

The Lewis Partnership

Our Reservations Manager was spending over an hour a day updating availability and prices, this now takes around 10 minutes a day which has saved a lot of time and frustration.

Washingborough Hall

Not only is Washingborough Hall saving time and resources, they've seen an increase in direct bookings and a 24% increase in ARR.

Best Western Passage House Hotel

The new systems have had a huge impact on their rates. They can now change a whole month’s worth of rates in under 20 minutes which has not only increased their ARR by £6 but enables them to achieve rate parity and remain competitive.

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