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Guests of all ages & nationalities are more tech-savvy and used to booking online, so make sure your online booking engine is up to the job!

Convert online visitors into on-site guests​

Booking a hotel online has become the new normal. An efficient & effective website and hotel booking engine will maximise every opportunity to drive sales.

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Better for your guests, better for you

With the introduction of 3rd party comparison platforms/online travel agencies (OTAs) and an increase in people wanting to travel, guests have become choice-rich and patience poor. They are seeking unique and personalised experiences and as a consequence, are less loyal. COVID-19 has forced guests of all ages across the world to be more tech-savvy and used to purchasing online. As such it has become harder and more expensive than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Hoteliers can’t afford a weak online presence, so make sure you are making the best use of your website/digital marketing to generate cost-efficient bookings 24/7 and start a strong lifetime relationship with guests from the beginning.​

Direct Booking Manager in a nutshell

  • Easy installation on any website
  • Quick, smart and intuitive booking process from any device or browser
  • Personalise stay with contextualised extras based on rate plan
  • Secure and compliant payments with a built-in payment gateway
  • Automation at its best, from search to reservation with strong two-way PMS interface
  • Enhance/complement the booking experience and track performance with 3rd party tools via Google Tag Manager

Smooth & Streamlined Booking Process


Live PMS availability and rates based on  a smart calendar and relevant parameters​


The most relevant information to compare and book the desired stay​


Contextualised extras based on rate plan to enhance the stay experience​


Process secure and compliant payments with built-in payment gateway​


Reservation is automatically updated in the PMS & confirmation email sent to the booker​

  • What this means for your guests (click to open)

    Personal, convenient and secure experience

    • The booking process is seamless using consistent branding from any website, email, social content, or any other online channel
    • Complete the booking quickly and easily with an intuitive, modern interface translated into 8 languages (i.e. English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Danish) 
    • Step-by-step booking process optimised for any device screen and browser: search, select, pay, and confirm – including optional product upsells based on package selection
      • Smart-search calendar with live PMS availability and restrictions
      • Easy to browse hotel, room, rate, and policy/ cancellation information
      • Integrated e-commerce style shopping basket at all stages of the booking clearly shows itinerary, rates, and total pricing
      • Seamless 3DSv2 and PCI compliant payments/ guarantees via GuestPay integration
      • Clear display of privacy policies, cancellation terms, and general terms
      • Automated branded confirmation emails from the hotel email address with full itinerary and details
    • “My Booking” access to enable guests to retrieve their reservation online at any time, and allows online cancellations (where policies allow)
    • Google Tag Manager support brings almost limitless 3rd party integrations such as price comparison, or chat bot tools to enhance and complement Guestline DBM. Take a look at some of the interfaces available here
  • What this means for your Front Desk / Reservation Teams (click to open)

    More productive and profitable bookings

    • Automates PMS rates and availability in DBM, so guests experience fast, real-time results at their fingertips when interacting live with your Guestline products 
    • Guestline DBM updates PMS in real-time with reservation/cancellation information including GDPR compliant guest profile & preferences, upsells, guarantees and PCI compliant payment/ guarantee tokenisation
    • No manual management of rates or reservations required – DBM automates the entire process, including handling branded confirmations of reservations or cancellations with your guests
    • Google Tag Manager enables you to connect Guestline DBM with marketing, reporting, analytics and other tools to better track online performance. See more interfaces available here

We are delighted with our long-standing partnership with Guestline and their development of the new DBM platform. Since switching, Alexander Hotels has seen a significant growth in direct bookings and average customer spend. Not only has the platform generated great success financially, but our customers are also regularly commenting on the ease of the booking process.

Leanne Cleaver
Marketing Manager, Alexander Hotels

With Guestline DBM you can​:

Convert More

By moving to DBM, hoteliers typically achieve conversion rates of between 2.5% and 7% thanks to the simple, mobile responsive, and personalised booking processes

Save More

User-friendly booking process fully integrated with the PMS allowing guests to book themselves at any time, on any device and browser, saving time for themselves and staff

Delight More

DBM constantly evolves based on guest behaviour observations and performance monitoring to ensure the very best experience for every user

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