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The gift voucher platform with no commission and no catch

Built specifically for hoteliers and with 0% commission, the Gifted gift voucher platform is designed to increase your bottom line.

With a personalised look and feel, gift vouchers software for hotels acts as an extension of your website. It's easy-to-use, hassle-free, intuitive, and, of course, fully responsive. With a smooth shopping experience, customers can order vouchers (complete with personalised messaging and gift boxes) in just a few clicks.

And with a live sales dashboard, full marketing suite, and regular updates, we can help you drive sales and save valuable time and money. We'll even take care of all the posting and sorting, leaving you time to focus on what you do best.

Gifted in a nutshell

  • Drive voucher sales through an engaging, conversion-led interface
  • Monitor performance and increase sales through intelligent reporting
  • Start selling vouchers in as little as two weeks with our speedy setup
  • Enable customers to buy online using any mobile device
  • Share knowledge and best practice through the help centre
  • Sell tickets for upcoming events through the Events module

Gifted sits within your website and provides a fantastic additional revenue stream for hoteliers. The platform allows guests to choose from an array of dining, golf, accommodation and monetary vouchers, as well as the ability to sell tickets, and pay for these online, via a secure payment portal.

Matthew Rothwell
Business Development Executive, Guestline

Got questions?

We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What do I do when a guest needs a VAT receipt?

    If a guest calls up to ask for a VAT receipt, it’s quick and easy to issue them with one. Just log on to Gifted, ask for their order reference, bring up the original order, then simply click on ‘send VAT receipt’ to send a sales invoice across to the email address attached to the order. If needs be, you can simply change the email address to a new one, then click on ‘send’.

  • What do my reports mean?

    If you log onto the ‘documents’ part of your website, you will find all your account information stored there as well as your transfers that you can download (as either a CSV or PDF). Other reports for vouchers (sold, expired, redeemed etc.) and customer details, can be found in the ‘reports’ section, making it easy to monitor sales, see your guests’ behaviours, and calculate trends.

  • What happens to unredeemed vouchers?

    We have found that on average, 25-30% of gift vouchers aren’t redeemed each year, and your dashboard will clearly show you the profit you have received from all of your unredeemed vouchers.

    We leave it completely up to you to manage your unredeemed vouchers, and with this in mind, we have made it quick and easy to change and extend expiry dates, giving you full control over the system. We know how important it is to give great customer service 24/7, so we have given you the ability to give grace periods or use the reporting system to contact guests to remind them before their voucher expires.

  • Which cards can my customers use?

    If a customer is buying a voucher directly from the site, they will have to pay for any purchase by card - Visa, American Express, or Mastercard. If, however, the guests are purchasing the voucher directly from the hotel, we can also set up offline payment methods such as cash and cheques (and you’ll always be able to issue complimentary vouchers too).

  • How do I receive funds from my gift voucher sales?

    You get to decide when you get paid for your gift voucher sales - it’s part of the setup process. You can also elect to receive transfers either daily, weekly or monthly. Most of our clients want Gifted to issue the funds monthly and, in this case, we will transfer them securely to you on the 7th of each month. You will receive the full value of the sales minus the gateway fee which is a legal requirement for all online purchases, making all transactions safe and secure.

  • How do I integrate my online store with my website?

    We do all the leg work. Once your website is up and running, we will give you access to familiarise yourself with the site and then once you are happy with the layout and images, we will hit the ‘go live’ button - and away you go.

  • Who does the fulfilment of postal orders?

    We have our very own fulfilment centre to ensure we can offer you a complete solution and help as much as possible. However, we also offer the flexibility for you to do it in-house if you want to keep it on-site. It’s no problem at all.

  • What are the delivery methods for my customers to choose from?

    There are several different delivery methods available for your guests. Email delivery is instantaneous and free - great for any last-minute purchases that your guests want to make. You can choose to allow guests to collect their vouchers in person from your hotel, or to receive their vouchers straight to their door. Postal delivery has three options, Royal Mail 1st Class, Special Delivery, and International.

But don't just take our word for it...

Take a look through our success stories to discover how we have helped some of the world's leading hospitality brands improve the guest experience, streamline operations and maximise revenue.

Merchants Manor

After implementing Gifted on their new website, Merchants Manor saw their gift voucher sales increase by 29% over a Christmas period.

Captains Club Hotel

Gifted has enabled Captain's Club to provide a better gifting experience. After just a few months, their voucher sales increased by 35%.

South Causey Inn

After implementing Gifted on their website, South Causey Inn generated an additional £20k in gift voucher revenue in just 4 months.

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