Price Assure

Reassure guests they're getting the best rate direct 

Price Assure is part of Guestline’s latest Online Booking Manager. It allows guests to compare the total cost of their stay on the hotel's website against 5 other channels.

By comparing OTA prices with your prices online, it gives potential guests the confidence they’re getting the best rate on the market and optimum value for money if they book direct.

Reassures guests they’re getting the best available rate
Reduces OTA commissions with direct bookings
Negates the need to shop around for the best deal
Increases conversion rates

Key functionality

  1. Pop-up widget that sits on your booking engine
  2. Displays live prices of up to 5 OTAs
  3. Compares the total cost of the guest’s stay
  4. Personalised with your own wording
  5. Available on Guestline’s latest Online Booking Manager

Key Solutions

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