Search engine marketing

Tools to drive traffic to your website

We offer a range of Search Engine Marketing services to drive traffic to your website.

SEO optimisation enables your website to be visible on search engines. The key to visibility is that businesses need to be seen in all the places that their potential customers live. We analyse your businesses visibility in your marketplace, analyse your direct competitors, your search competitors and the key factors that search engines use to rank sites in your search environment. 

Paid search channels are a key tool in sending search traffic to your website. Further paid search (PPC) gives your hotel brand extended visibility in search; visibility that your competitors and OTAs can take advantage of if your brand is missing.

Social Ads Utilising social media platforms like Facebook can give you access to an audience of millions – using its Ad network you can reach users based on there age, income and much more. Social ads can be very targeted and deliver a great ROI.

We analyse key terms and your competitive environment to understand why potential guests will want to visit your site. We help your hotel take advantage of paid search – and ensure prospective guests find your hotel precisely when they’re searching for a room, restaurant or spa.

Be seen in all the right places
Access to an audience of millions
Extended visibility for your brand
Get found by the right audience

Key functionality

  1. Onsite SEO
  2. Meta Search
  3. Programmatic Advertising
  4. Banner Retargeting
  5. Page title & meta description implementation
  6. Schema mark-up
  7. Google Adwords Optimisation
  8. Multi Channel Budget management
  9. Increased traffic to your website
  10. Trackable and quantifiable results
  11. Comprehensive analytics
  12. Cost-effective marketing
  13. Increased website usability
  14. Live 24/7 data dashboard & reporting

Key Solutions

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