Unlock the next Hospitality age with a low-touch solution

Enhance the self-check-in/out guest experience making your reception online and digital

The hospitality and travel market is increasingly evolving. Guest expectations are driven by technology-based trends and shaped by new ways of interaction. It’s all digital now, addressable, and increasingly mobile. Hotels must deliver a digital and personalized guest experience to attract new guests and motivate guests to return. Therefore, Guestline has partnered with KeezApp to enhance check-in & out experience, making it not only digital and under guest control but also automated and efficient with a 2-way API interface.

What this means for you...

Enhance guest experience
Engage guests fully digitally, but personally through their journey on their devices and make transition steps such as check-in/out easy.

Save time
Both staff and guests can manage better their time as the check-in/out can be done directly by the guest in their devices, on-demand outside and inside the property.

Reduce cost
Some of the check-in/out tasks are transferred to the guest, so the front desk team can focus on value-added tasks instead of mundane ones, reducing property operations cost.

The Challenge

Adapt check-in/out process to the new social distancing requirements, making it self-service and cost-effective too

The Solution

Automate the digital self-check-in/out process between guests and front desk team with a low touch online digital reception solution

Reservation & Guest Profile

Reservation & Guest Profile

Front Desk or Reservation team creates/edits a reservation in the PMS which is linked to a guest profile

Shared Data

KeezApp retrieves guest profile, reservation, pre-calculated charges and guest folio data from Guestline PMS under GDPR compliance

Check-in/out Comms

KeezApp automatically emails to guests to download the App on their devices before arrival so they can self-check-in, use mobile key and later self-check-out

Updated Data

KeezApp updates in real-time Guestline PMS reservation status as well as guest email and folio balance

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