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Automated emails, online check-in, pre-arrivals upsells and private surveys... all in a single solution

Hoteliers around the world need to strike a fine balance. They’ve been forced to streamline their operations as much as possible to gain efficiencies, save time and reduce costs - all whilst maintaining high levels of guest satisfaction and increasing RevPAR. This is only possible by balancing offline with online guest experience. The two-way API interface between Guestline PMS and GuestJoy helps hoteliers to deliver a modern guest experience by streamlining pre-arrival processes such as upselling and guest registration.

What this means for you...

Personalised experience
Engage with guests pre-arrival and during their stay based on their specific stay and profile so they feel special, increasing their satisfaction and expenditure.

Digitalised processes
Avoid human errors, save time and guarantee consistent guest communication along the guest journey by reducing manual steps, centralising all guest profile and activity in one place, and integrating all details with the PMS.

The Challenge

 Achieving a profitable, personalised guest experience whilst being contact-free

The Solution

 Automate and integrate the digital registration and upsell processes

How it works


All reservations across the different channels are centralised and stored in the Guestline PMS.

Shared Data

GuestJoy retrieves profile and reservation information from Guestline PMS once a day. However, staff can do it manually, on demand, from GuestJoy.

Engage Guests

GuestJoy sends guests automatic or manual personalised emails (i.e. upsell, check-in or feedback) along their journey (pre, during, post-stay & one-time announcements).


Guest completes the check-in form, books a service or posts feedback. GuestJoy is an official partner of TripAdvisor.


Guest profile and reservation private notes are automatically updated in the PMS with check-in information. The pre-arrival room upgrades and/or upsells are also updated in the PMS reservation as soon as a staff member confirms them in GuestJoy. 

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