Improve your reporting ability

Centralise, visualise & analyse your hotel's data

With so much data flowing from a myriad of sources, by the time you’ve collated and processed it, then produced reports and forecast estimations, it’s often outdated. To remain competitive, hoteliers need to have reliable and relevant reports and dashboards at their fingertips, so they can respond quickly and accurately. As such, Guestline has partnered with Avenue 9 to build a one-way interface between Guestline Rezlynx PMS and two of Avenue 9 Solution’s business intelligence products (Avenue 9 Analytics and Avenue 9 Reporting as a Service).

What this means for you...

Understand your business better

  • Avenue 9 Solution’s business intelligence products allow you to visualise data in ways you probably haven’t experienced before, creating insights and highlighting actionable information across all your data sources.
  • Macro: by tying in multiple data sources, you are able to track and trend major movements within your business for financial and operational performance using standard industry KPIs and business drivers.
  • Granular: with the ability to drill down through multiple layers of data, you are able to identify and isolate specific transactions by guest, unit or product.

Delight guests

  • Personalise the guest’s experience by understanding who they are, their behavior, preferences, trends, and needs.
  • Improve operations to attract and engage with more guests easily and faster by having the right KPIs easily accessible.

Increase efficiencies

  • Automate and standardise data extraction and mapping using the latest USALI (v11) format, saving staff precious time digging into data instead of gathering and processing it.Get insights from visual and interactive dashboards and reports that can be actioned for operational efficiencies and to understand relative performance.

The Challenge

Critical business data is unorganised
and hard to reach

The Solution

Integrate your PMS with important hospitality data sources using Avenue 9

How it works


Guestline Rezlynx PMS centralises all the reservations and guest folio data.


Avenue 9 pulls data from Guestline Rezlynx PMS via Guestline LanSync. Avenue 9 Analytics also aggregates data from 3rd party applications.


Avenue 9 maps source data to normalise and present visualisations in graph and table format, allowing users to go from aggregated macro to granular levels.

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