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Covid-19 Statement

Firstly, we would like to reassure you that as a technology company, we're fully prepared and able to continue providing a full service to you through this challenging time

All Guestliners are equipped to be able to work remotely, and we will continue to operate as normal should we need to self-isolate at head offices in Shrewsbury, Munich, Poland, Ireland, Thailand and Amsterdam. You will not experience any disruption with your technology, nor the level of support during this unsettled time.

All Guestline cloud applications are hosted with Microsoft in their Azure Public Cloud. Microsoft have released a full preparedness statement that details their contingency plans to continue to deliver Microsoft operations and services in the event of an outbreak such as COVID-19.

Microsoft’s approach covers all systems and people across all locations of their services and includes a work and access from home policy for service management individuals.

Whilst this is a new threat, there are many things you can do as a hotelier to minimise the effects and ensure you are ready to bounce back for a successful 2020.

VAT Changes for hospitality

We are aware of the announcement from the UK Government regarding VAT changes for Hospitality & Tourism. We are very well prepared to support you through this change to ensure your hotel is ready on Wednesday 15th  July 2020. For now, please keep an eye out for our updates, we will be issuing communication with next steps over the next couple of days.

Thanks, Guestline

Hotelier's Coronavirus Information Hub

We've collated a range of tools and information to help our industry through the crisis.
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For more information about Coronavirus

Please refer to the official statements from your region. Select from the below:


Department of Health & Social Care


Department of Health


The Federal Ministry of Health


National Institute for Public Health


Ministry of Health


Department for Disease Control


World Heath Organisation

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