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Minimise Impact

Minimise the impact Coronavirus has on your business and plan the route to recovery

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Why migrating to the cloud is a no-brainer for today’s hoteliers

The future of hotel technology is well and truly in the cloud and is the first choice for forward-thinking hoteliers...
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Power-up your Online Recovery Strategy

Part 2 - Execution Excellence
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Online Recovery Strategy - Part 1

In this 2 part series, Chris Jones, Guestline’s Product Manager will explain how you can use your hotels website, social media, and booking engine to maximum effect to arm yourself for the inevitable recovery from COVID-19.

Adapting Hotel's Operations

Guestline are joined by Best Western GB's CEO Rob Paterson & industry experts who outline how independent hoteliers can get through this unsettling time, and how to reopen efficiently to the general public again after this crisis has passed.

Revenue Management Optimised

Guestline are joined by Right Revenue, RevControl and Revenue By Design to explore the top priorities for revenue managers to ensure they safeguard rates, manage future business and plan a successful recovery.

Recovery Planning

Guestline are joined by HospitalityUnited.Club, a consortium of travel technology companies. The webinar will bring together industry leaders to discuss the evolving business landscape and explore new ways of doing business.

Hit the Ground Running

Getting you into the best shape possible for when this is all over

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Getting the best out of Rezlynx Standard C&B

Rezlynx Standard Conference and Banqueting doesn't have to be standard - learn to get the best out of it! Covering diary, upsells, templates, configuration - hints and tips to make it work for you.
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Advanced C&B Series - Changing, Moving and Cancelling Events

Get to Grips with Advanced C&B - Covering changing, moving and cancelling of events and making it work for you
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These webinars have happened already, but please request recordings below:

Effectively Manage your Aged Debtors

Company account creations, aged debtor management, ledger statements, taking and posting payments, and aged debtors reports in Rezlynx.

Guest Profile Management

Best practices and tips on complete profile management and profile merging to ensure an enhanced Rezlynx database!

Help with Billing

Getting to know how to streamline your billing through Charge Routing, Master Accounts and NRA’s – give yourself more “Guest TIME”! Get yo know how our Financial Export Tool could assist with streamlining accounts.

Guest Communications

Learn how to optimize your Guest Engagement and communicate as effectively as possible with Rezlynx. Improve your guest recognition, guest service and manage those opportunities to engage with your Guests!

Rezlynx & TRU//ST Payments

Along with our partners at TRU//ST Payments we demonstrate making the best use of both Rezlynx and the MyST Platform to ensure seamless and effortless payments!

Rates & Cancellations

Helping you to manage your rates and cancellations and effectively optimize revenue. Handling your cancellations and being dynamic with your rates and rate strategy.

Managing Your Group Bookings in Rezlynx

Effectively Manage your Group Bookings within Rezlynx. Basics of a Group Booking, Cancelling, Copying, and Hints and Tips for Groups.

Hotelier's Coronavirus Information Hub

We've collated a range of tools and information to help our industry through the crisis.
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For more information about Coronavirus

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Department of Health & Social Care


Department of Health


The Federal Ministry of Health


National Institute for Public Health


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Department for Disease Control


World Heath Organisation

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