Be prepared...

...and it's not just about the ground floor ballroom.

January 3rd 2020
Deirdre Bracken, Business Development Manager, Guestline Ireland

Time is crucial

The wedding industry is big business with couples spending over 50% of their allocated budget on the venue alone (in 68% of cases, a hotel-  With changing wedding trends, it’s no longer an exclusive market: the smaller, independent properties now have a chance to capitalise on the wedding hospitality industry. And, the key time to do that is NOW. This season brings many festive proposals and the number of people searching and enquiring about wedding venues peaks over the New Year period and into January each year. But with holidays and some hotels operating on skeleton staff, it’s important to put a strategy in place to ensure you are capturing and acting upon this influx, driving increased revenues into 2020 and beyond.

With engagement season upon us, and an epic rise in wedding enquiries here Deirdre Bracken, Business Development Manager at Guestline Ireland, and with a background in wedding sales, shares her top tips to ensure that you are cutting yourself a big slice of the wedding market by converting those wedding enquiries into bookings.

Be Prepared…

In our experience, every engaged couple has an approx. €20K value they can bring to your business. Being prepared doesn’t mean just having your ground floor ready i.e. the setting up of the ballroom, F&B packages and your list of suppliers. The backbone to success includes having the right team in place and ensuring you have efficient processes, systems and technology at the ready to capture and secure those couples.

Without the right, motivated and trained team, any sales and marketing effort is dead in the water. Couples these days are more demanding of a personalised service. Your team needs to understand ‘the couple’ and utilise the guest intelligence you collect i.e. Who are they? Their expectations of your property? The type of wedding they seek etc. And then prepare  your strategy  - How do you capture their details? What’s your follow up? How quickly are you going to secure deposits? Etc.

At Guestline we completely understand the operational frustrations experienced at hotels, in particular the mammoth task of driving wedding business, but, through advancements in technology these frustrations can be alleviated with automated processes and remote capabilities which will assist you and your team with time saving efficiencies, labour costs and will improve the entire wedding journey from handling enquiries and securing deposits right through to beyond the wedding day itself


In the Part II we will share our advices how to succesfully and easy capture all wedding inquiries.


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