Capturing wedding enquiries

Easy and successful

  1. Capture those enquiries…

As explained in Part I of our Guide, today’s engaged couple is extremely social savvy, and typically begins the research phase of selecting a wedding venue site by browsing your social media pages and website. It is imperative that you ensure your website and social accounts are up-to-date, current and best reflect your wedding offering. Entice them to imagine what their wedding would look like at your property - Show them pictures of couples getting married there, display pictures of your hotel’s breath-taking views and place previous reviews alongside the imagery so that they can read about other couple’s experiences.

Whilst they are on your website or your social pages, ensure you make it easy for them to contact the property. Whatever your preferred method, make it as simple as clicking a button i.e.

  • Have an e-brochure of weddings at your property available to download. Build data capture into it and request the couple enter their email address before download
  • Host a call to action button such as ‘Request More Information’ that takes couples to an RFP form or ‘Contact us’ which then opens an email to your wedding coordinator
  • After a couple has submitted an enquiry, an automated response should generate offering assurance that their request will be responded to as soon as possible – couples are excited and impatient, let them know that you received their enquiry
  1. Plan a Wedding Open Day ( ideally for January…)

You have captured their data and have begun to build a relationship with potential couples. Now is the time to have them visit the property to experience all you have to offer. Hosting a wedding open day is an excellent idea to entice lots of couples to visit on one afternoon. January is a great time to do this. It allows you to capitalise on the busiest enquiry time and lets the couples visit when there is still heightened excitement in the air.

Whilst the team will be busy setting out candles and ensuring supplier exhibits are in place, be sure that your staff understand the aim of the event – which is to capture and secure as many bookings as possible. Putting a clever strategy in place will help to maximise on this. One idea is to offer an incentive on the day i.e. book your wedding today and get 10% off or provide a luxurious competition prize for couples who put a deposit down within the next 10 days or so.

Providing your team with the ability to capture data from visiting couples on the day is invaluable. This should be done digitally, straight into your PMS and can be used post event to re-target couples with follow up correspondence and digital marketing campaigns.  It can even send a follow up email whilst the couple are still on your premises! Same process if you are attending or exhibiting at any wedding shows in January, have technology to hand, meet, greet and capture as much data as possible whilst talking to clients offsite. Your website will also allow you showcase the property digitally to couples, with the ability to access brochures, imagery and packages and a cloud-based PMS, such as Guestline Rezlynx, will provide live rates and availability so you can check dates and insert bookings.

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