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Free Gift Voucher solution

Gift Vouchers Scheme - Terms and Conditions 

Guestline Limited is offering this vouchers scheme platform (“Guestline VS Platform”), free of charge, in order to support to the hospitality industry during the current Covid-19 crisis. 

This offering by Guestline is subject to the follow terms and conditions.

  1. Guestline’s role is limited to providing an advertising platform whereby third party voucher scheme providers (“VSP”) may advertise their promotions for their voucher schemes to hotels and other hospitality providers (all together “Hoteliers”).
  2. Any Hotelier interested in participating in any voucher scheme must contact the relevant VSP, and we may provide a hyperlink to a Hotelier website in order to help you to contact them. Participation is subject to the Hotelier entering into a contract, on agreed terms including pricing, direct with the VSP.
  3. No contract or agreement is entered into between the Hotelier and Guestline in respect of the provision of any vouchers, and Guestline is no way liable for the purchase and/or provision of any vouchers or any act or omission of any VSP.
  4. Vouchers are not integrated into Guestline’s PMS or other systems, except that Guestline may in its sole discretion integrate its rooms IBE with Guestline Channel Manager (Roomlynx).
  5. Hoteliers may request Guestline to advertise its vouchers (whether obtained from a VSP or any other voucher provider) by completing and sending the on-line request from on the Guestline VS Platform. Guestline may accept or decline such request in its sole discretion. If accept Guestline may advertise the vouchers on its Guest Landing page, social media channels, and/or any part of Guestline’s website (all together “Guestline Channels”).
  6. Guestline is providing the Guestline VS Platform free of charge to both Hoteliers and VSPs.
  7. Guestline may in its sole discretion withdraw the Guestline VS Platform and/or stop advertising a Hotelier’s vouchers on any Guestline Channels at any time without notice.
  8. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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