[PAST] Webinar –
Guestline & GuestJoy: The power of integrations –
20th October

The power of integrations

10.30am GMT | 11.30am CEST - 20th October 2021

How two companies work together to enhance the guest experience

The partnership between Guestline and GuestJoy has created a solution that exceeds current hospitality expectations, empowering hotels to provide amazing guest experiences. We will be discussing integrations, what you should integrate your PMS with, and how easy the whole process can be. We will focus on the digital guest experience, and why it is now so important today. And last, but not least: data security, and what happens with guest data when it’s stored in the cloud.

Hear from...

Experts from across the industry


Customer Experience Manager
- GuestJoy

Andrew Metcalfe

Chief Technical Officer
- Guestline

Webinar topics...

You can expect to hear about:

Your roadmap - define your vision, the problems you want to solve and goals you want to achieve. What should you focus on first?

Automating the mundane and removing the frustrations at the front desk – enabling you to retain a hospitable, warm welcome

The key to building your best platform - ensure you have the best tools on hand and bring it seamlessly together with options of customisation

Data exchanges - secure and insightful data and recommendations to help you make decisions

Benefits of managing and automating the guest journey on one platform - addressing and fulfilling your needs and that of your guests

The value of two-way Integrations - drive revenue, save time and efficiencies and improve accuracy

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