Guestline Virtual IHS Stand

As your technology partner, we want to help in every way we can

A lot of you might have set time aside to attend this show which has unfortunately been cancelled. Instead our team is on hand to offer any help and assistance they can during these challenging times.

If there’s any way we can help minimise the impact and disruption at your property, then please get in touch. Our team can help you implement your cancellation policies, rate management strategies, guest communications and best practice.

We are a resilient industry and it is important that we continue to support each other in the difficult weeks ahead. We are constantly working on ideas to help hoteliers and we also have our Hoteliers Coronavirus Information Hub with details of our free webinars and blogs.

Who will be online?

Robert Vogt

Director of Business Development
Guestline, Benelux

Stefaan Deruyck

Business Development Manager
Guestline, Belgium

Esma Abarkan

Business Development Manager
Guestline, The Netherlands

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Our Partners at For-Sight

For-Sight is a provider of Guest Engagement, CRM and Marketing solutions for hoteliers. Our team is available to help however they can - from guidance on immediate guest communication and response to the current situation, to longer term strategy. If we can help in any way during this challenging period, we will.
Who will be online?

Allan Nelson

CEO & Co-founder

Nigel Allport

Chief Commercial Officer

Jamie McBride

Senior Marketing Manager

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Free webinars

Register your interest for a series of free webinar sessions, focused on ways to minimise disruption at your property

For help with cancellation policies, rate management and best practice to help you through these challenging times, registar for the webinars below:

Help with Billing

Coronavirus Help Webinar
This webinar is over - Request a video recording:

Help with Guest Communication

Coronavirus Help Webinar
This webinar is over - Request a video recording:

Help with Rates & Cancellations

Coronavirus Help Webinar
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Help with Recovery Planning

With HospitalityUnited.Club
This webinar is over - Request a video recording:

Hoteliers lead the way

Hotels worldwide are showing the best of the industry

Take a look and see if any inspire you to get proactive:

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For more information about Coronavirus

Please refer to the official statements from your region. Select from the below:


Department of Health & Social Care


Department of Health


The Federal Ministry of Health


National Institute for Public Health


Ministry of Health


Department for Disease Control


World Heath Organisation

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