Charge Routing Webinars


As part of our commitment to constantly improve service, we are excited to share some new free webinars for you and your team.

In this 45 minute webinar you will learn how to use charge routing within different types of reservations, how they work with events and how you can use charge routing with master accounts.

Please select the most suitable time and date for you to join from the selection below.

Rezlynx & Standard Conference & Banqueting

Tuesday 7th May 19 - 10.00am
Thursday 9th May 19 - 4.30pm
Friday 10th May 19 - 3.00pm
Monday 13th May 19 -11.00am
Thursday 16th May - 1.00pm
Friday 17th May – 3.00pm

Rezlynx & Advanced Conference & Banqueting

Tuesday 7th May 2019 - 7.00pm
Thursday 9th May 2019 - 11.00am
Friday 10th May 2019 - 10.00am
Monday 13th May - 4.30pm
Thursday 16th May – 4.00pm
Friday 17th May – 11.00am

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