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Hoteliers need to make a great first impression from the initial interaction, even if it is online. Connecting to and maintaining so many online channels can be a full time job, as is co-ordinating online and offline experiences! Hoteliers need to make sure availability, rate and inventory are up to date across multiple channels as well as ensuring the booking, guest and payment information is accurately and securely stored back in the PMS. For that reason, Guestline has partnered with SmartHOTEL to build a 2-way interface between Guestline Rezlynx PMS and SmartHOTEL’s SmartCONNECT - the connectivity hub towards Channel Manager (OTA & GDS Connectivity) and the IBE. 

What this means for you...

Increase Occupancy, Revenue & Satisfaction
Manage all your online bookings in one integrated place: sell down to your very last room but stay in control by using a threshold on full inventory; prevent overbookings; and store all the booking info centrally for 3rd party usage, like payment automation. Fully synched with the PMS to deliver an outstanding guest experience. 

Save Staff Time
Automate your workload with real-time, automated 2-way integration between your PMS, Channel Manager, payment provider and booking engine. Your availability, rates and inventory will be always up to date across all your booking channels, no more manual errors or lost opportunities due to failed payments, better security (PCI) and more time for your guests. 

The Challenge

 Syncing data between multiple systems and channels is time consuming

The Solution

 Manage online bookings in one centralised platform and synchronise it with the PMS

How it works


Guestline Relzynx PMS updates SmartCONNECT Room Availability, Rates and Restrictions (ARI) in real-time 

Business rules

SmartCONNECT contains smart business rules empowering the hotelier to enrich or amend data and updates in SmartHOTEL 


SmartHOTEL distributes ARI across its multiple online channels 


SmartHOTEL centralises reservation details taken from the multiple online channels 


SmartHOTEL sends reservation details back to Guestline Rezlynx PMS or forwards reservation information for direct charge at the payment service provider. 

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