Deliver an exceptional housekeeping service

Plan, track, audit and automate your operational tasks in a smart way

Co-ordinating disjointed departments to deliver a high standard of service can be hard in where there are multiple properties, a lot of short-stay guests, high staff turnover or limited staff. However, it is crucial to get this right from day one. Therefore, Guestline has partnered with RoomChecking to build a 2-way API interface between Guestline Rezlynx PMS and RoomChecking. This integration will enable the housekeeping, maintenance and front desk teams to not only deliver and maintain high standards but also become a source of revenue.

What this means for you...

Happier staff, delighted guests

  • RoomChecking combines the current and future reservation PMS data with business constraints/rules to automatically assign and prioritise a task to the right housekeepers, making resource planning and workload management easy for both managers and staff.
  • The mobile and intuitive App enables housekeepers to complete their tasks faster, follow up tasks better and hand over with ease to another staff member (inspector, maintenance, or front desk), delivering a better guest service.

Efficient business

  • Simplify and automate housekeeping processes: receive reservation and guest profile data from the PMS, then plan, track, audit and update the PMS.
  • Reports and dashboards are available, so hoteliers can see all the details, understand guests and service their needs, all at a click of a button. Additionally, they can review operational performance by property (if a group) and by department to keep teams motivated.

The Challenge

Motivate and unify operational teams to maintain and deliver high standards of service

The Solution

Digitalise and integrate the operational processes with a 2-way interface between the PMS and housekeeping module

How it works

Reservation & Guest Profile

Front Desk or Reservation team creates/edits a reservation in the PMS which is linked to a guest profile.

Shared Data

RoomChecking receives guest profile and reservation data in real-time from Guestline PMS under GDPR compliance.

Task Prioritisation

RoomChecking Housekeeping assigns and prioritises manually/automatically housekeeper(s) to a room/area(s).

Room Status

When housekeepers complete a task in the RoomChecking App, the room & housekeeping status is updated in the PMS, in real-time.

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