Right Revenue

A Revenue Management Solution designed specifically for independent hotels

Right Revenue do ‘the smarts’ to let you do the strategy

Revenue Management doesn’t have to be complicated… Designed by a Revenue Manager with over 20 years experience,  Right Revenue understand your pain points, and their challenge was to design a revenue solution that took the myth out of big data and simply presented useful data; accurately forecasted demand and of course, great rate recommendations – all within an easy-to-use solution.

With a  seamless, two-way integration to Guestline, Right Revenue not only take live data from your PMS, but multiple external data points to ensure you have all the information you need to make a decision on revenue in real-time.  They run multiple layers of machine learning and AI to analyse booking patterns which in turn enables us to make great recommendations on rate strategy, which in turn drives profit to your bottom line.

What this means for you...

Increased Revenue 
Right Revenue customers are experiencing an average of 12% revenue growth and profit delivered straight to their bottom line.

Saving Time 
No longer will your team need to spend hours collating data and buried in spreadsheets.  Right Revenue will do all of the ‘heavy lifting’ and present all of your business KPI’s in one useful dashboard

We support your rate strategy 
If you imagine that analysing 5 rates, over 5 segments from 5 distribution channels, for 1 year, this equates to 45,625 decisions every day!  Right Revenue take all of the number-crunching away to allow your key team members to work on the strategy.  Accessible for every department, there are no more ‘working in silo’s’ and instead, you have information for one cohesive rate strategy.

The Challenge

Understanding new guest buying behaviour and staying one step ahead 

The Solution

Relevant data at your fingertips in real time 

How it works

Real Time

Guestline Rezlynx PMS updates Right Revenue in real time 

Rate Recommendations

Your rate strategy delivered to you, every day for two years in advance


Never miss an opportunity as Right Revenue supports your total revenue strategy

Equal Playing Field

Right Revenue’s solution offers you the same opportunities as branded hotels

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