Full-service reservations automation

Room and table reservations together to exceed guest expectations

Guests expectations have changed, high-quality bars and restaurants are the new basics required from hoteliers. But if hoteliers want to exceed guests’ expectations, it is better to surprise them and engage them in a personalised, authentic, and attentive way.

ResDiary, a table management platform, partnered with Guestline to build not only a 2-way interface with Guestline PMS, but embed it into the room reservation process too, so Front Desk staff can upsell table reservations to guests based on their profile and room reservation information.

What this means for you...

Save time
Room and table reservations are made in the same login, process and screen. So Front Desk staff don’t lose time or any opportunity to upsell tables

Collaborative teams
Room and table reservations end to end process is automated between two different systems, so Front Desk and F&B teams are always up to date on the same info

Delight guests
Room and table reservation can be in a single itinerary confirmation email to simplify guest communications

The Challenge

Disjointed table and rooms diaries, and poor communication between teams

The Solution

Automate and integrate the table booking process by embedding it into your PMS

How it works

The reservation

Create, edit and cancel a table reservation and link to a room reservation directly from Guestline PMS and update in real-time in ResDiary and vice versa


Guest receives one confirmation email with the full itinerary which includes room and table reservations

Shared information

Both Front Desk and F&B teams have full guest list with the main details of the room and table reservation

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