Intelligent automation of room rates

Optimised rate decisions based on facts and not assumptions

Travellers compare prices more and more between channels and hotels/packages before committing to book a stay. Therefore, hotel rates need to be dynamic and always up to date based on demand and supply. Guestline has partnered with OutPerform, a revenue management system, to enable hoteliers to go the extra mile in their accommodation rate strategy, increase intelligence and revenue whilst save time with a 2-way htng connection.

What this means for you...

Intelligent rate recommendations
OutPerform algorithm includes events, seasonality, day of the week, period as well as historical data, business rules, competitors and market occupancy.

Full visibility on indicators
Dashboard, reports and analysis are accessible from everywhere to give users a full understanding of what is happening in the market. So their rate decisions are made on facts and not assumptions.

Save time
Streamlined workflow from the historical and future data collection, to the rate optimisation and its distribution across the different channels.

The Challenge

Set up optimised room rates based on market and business intelligence

The Solution

Automate and integrate the accommodation revenue management giving hotelier full control and knowledge

How it works

Rate Setup

Hoteliers set up the rate strategy in Guestline PMS and Channel Manager

Shared Data

Guestline Channel Manager sends reservations and inventory in real-time to OutPerform via htng connection


OutPerform algorithm recommends rates to hoteliers based on market and business indicators

Rates Updates

Hoteliers decide what rates to apply so the software automatically sends them to Guestline PMS

Channel Dates

Guestline Channel Manager distributes the new rates across the multiple channels

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