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Smart connection between PMS and accounting software

Whilst hoteliers have been diversifying their revenue streams beyond rooms, Governments around the world have been revising their reporting requirements to access data digitally and at a granular level. Therefore, it’s imperative that financial data is accurate, reliable, and compliant so hoteliers avoid financial penalties and damage to their reputation. Guestline has partnered with Omniboost so hotelier’s financial data is automatically extracted from Guestline PMS and uploaded directly into their accounting software with ease, with no human intervention and adhering to the latest requirements.

What this means for you...

Certified Integration
Accounting software is continuously updating its data transmission methods based on Governments requirements, so your interface must be compliant with the latest requirements and versions.

Save time
Streamlined workflow from the billing processing to the financial data preparation and submission to the accounting software.

Reliable and Accurate Data
The mapping between Guestline and the accounting software has been simplified and can be completed quickly via the Omniboost middleware. Omniboost integrations automate the transfer of your accounting data, removing the manual work and the potential for human error. Both the onboarding and the integration itself are overseen by a team of accounting and technical experts that can assist with any questions that may arise.

The Challenge

 Ensuring financial data across multiple systems is reported to Governments accurately

The Solution

 Automate and integrate end to endaccounting processes and systems

How it works

Billing Processed & Centralised

Guestline PMS processes the guest billing and centralises all the financial data across the multiple operational systems 

End-of-Day Data Shared

Omniboost automatically retrieves the end-of-day data from Guestline PMS via the API at any time agreed upon by you and the Omniboost team

End-of-Day Data Formatted & Submitted

Omniboost formats the end-of-day data in line with the accounting software and submits it once per day

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