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Mobile, paper-free & efficient housekeeping

Automate the end to end housekeeping processes and connect the hotel operational teams

Rooms are the core business of any property, and so room cleanliness and comfort are the number one priority. Taking this into account, Guestline has partnered with OMNI SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS to build a 2-way API interface between Guestline Rezlynx PMS and OMNI HOTELS, all in one, multi departmental, hospitality solution to automate property operational processes (in particular housekeeping) and manage operational teams.

What this means for you...

Delight guests
Mobile and paper-free housekeepers have a faster turnaround for the same service quality, which is guaranteed by supervisors who perform quality checks to all cleanings.

Efficient business
Mobile, paper-free and automated operational processes allow better resources planning while keeping flexibility; save time by updating in real-time different systems and teams; and avoid errors that may compromise guest satisfaction.

The Challenge

Guaranteeing the service quality from the housekeeping team

The Solution

Seamlessly integrate the PMS with the housekeeping solution

How it works

Reservation & Guest Profile

Front Desk or Reservation team creates/edits a reservation in the PMS which is linked to a guest profile

Shared Data

OMNI HOTELS retrieves guest profile and reservation data every hour from Guestline PMS under GDPR compliance

Assignment Prioritisation

Managers/Front Desk manually assign and prioritise housekeeper(s) as well as inspector(s) to a room(s) and/or public area(s)

Room & Housekeeping Status

When inspector(s) pass the quality check in OMNI HOTELS App, Guestline PMS room and housekeeping status is updated in real-time

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