Become a rockstar at upselling

Maximise pre-arrival room and ancillary revenue opportunities whilst improving guest engagement

 Personalisation has become an essential element of customer service particularly pre-arrival. It’s during this time that guests can still cancel last minute, and hoteliers can increase RevPAR with room upgrades and upselling ancillary offers. As such, hoteliers must integrate systems, automate processes and analyse data so they can send relevant and timely guest communications. Guestline and Oaky have built a 2-way API integration to provide this. 

What this means for you...

Save time
By automating the upsell process, human errors are minimised and front desk staff can allocate their time to more important tasks. 

Delight guests
Nurture guests before arrival with personalised offers giving them full control of their stay experience. 

Improve RevPAR and ADR
Revenue Managers are able to increase incremental revenue, ADR, by segmenting room upgrades and adding ancillary and experience-led services. 

The Challenge

 Minimal guest engagement pre-arrival and missed revenue opportunities

The Solution

 Automate and integrate a personalised pre-arrival upsell process within the PMS

How it works


All reservations across the different channels are centralised and stored in the Guestline PMS. 

Shared Data

Oaky retrieves daily guest profile and reservation information from Guestline PMS. 

Upsell emails

Oaky automatically sends two tailored and branded pre-arrival emails with room and ancillary offers. 

Upsell stored

Oaky automatically posts any room upgrades and/or ancillary upsells booked by the guest in their Guestline PMS reservation

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