An All-In-One RMS Approach

First-class pricing and streamlined customer-focussed revenue management- Hotellistat

In today’s digital world it is not humanly possible to collect, process and analyse (in real-time) all the variables a hotelier needs to position and price the property successfully. Therefore, Guestline has partnered with Hotellistat to deliver an innovative RMS approach – Revenue, Market & Business intelligence (RMB) – through a 2-way HTNG connection. This will help automate two important elements – first-class pricing and customer-oriented revenue management – to succeed in today’s market place.

What this means for you...

Save time, stay in control
Have the flexibility to take Hotellistat rate recommendations (or set your own strategy) to push rates and restrictions recommendations on autopilot or manually on multiple rates in the PMS.

Maximise profit and revenue by up to 20%
All in one system covering all digital areas with direct interfaces with OTAs, event portals, benchmarking sites, digital marketing and analytics to manage revenue strategically.

The Challenge

Managing rates from multiple channels is manual and time consuming

The Solution

Centralise and automate all the data needed to manage rates and distribution across all channels

How it works

Shared Data

Guestline Rezlynx PMS sends statistic data breakdown by revenue streams, inventory, guests, and reservation status.

Intelligent Recommendations

Hotellistat algorithm recommends rates based on the data collected from several sources as well as rules set up by the hotel, which together with restrictions can be manually adjusted.

Rates Updates

The new rates and restrictions are sent automatically or manually to Guestline Rezlynx PMS depending on the Hotellistat set up.

Channel Distribution

Guestline Rezlynx PMS sends the new rates in real-time to the Channel Manager so they are distributed across the different.

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