Guestline 2-way API Interface

The Guestline interface with Gastronovi is the first of its kind

It utilises a 2-way RESTful API, also known as HOTAPI interface, and it is the first interface that uses an Event-Driven Architecture. This is a change in approach will allow greater horizontal scalability without adding any more load to existing API services.

Main Benefits

For Hotels
EPOS transfers appear, almost instantly, on the room bills. There is no need for any manual posting of room bills, which mitigates the risk of mistakes and lost revenue.

For Guests
The ability to charge Food & Beverage (F&B) bills to the room.



Look up for the up to date residents list (movements e.g. Check-In/Out, Room Move, Guest modified, etc).


When ordering in Gastronovi link sales to rooms/virtual accounts.


Post any cash or card sales going to a room, into Guestline PMS. A by-product of this is the ability to do real-time Z-Reads rather than batch Z-Read/End of Day posts.

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