Automated 24/7 self-service check-in/out

Streamline front desk processes to deliver a fast, safe & secure guest experience

Self-service technology has become so commonplace that guests no longer think of it as novel. It has become a given. However, self-service is not just about guest convenience. Hoteliers and their staff also stand to benefit from it saving them time, costs and human errors which can jeopardize guest experience and future revenue. Therefore, Guestline has partnered with FutureSens to help hoteliers to start implementing their self-service strategy with a 2-way API interface between Guestline Relzynx PMS and FutureSens Xenia, which automates 24/7 self-service check-in/out.

What this means for you...

Enhance guest experience
Check-in/out is available 24/7, faster (less than 1 minute for any scenario) and safer (minimal touch screens and human interaction), making guest engagement more consistent and comprehensive through the guest journey.

Save time and costs
As check-in/out processes are transferred to guests, front desk teams’ size and time can be optimised or re-deployed to look after guests, reducing operational costs. Additionally, by automating and guaranteeing consistent process hoteliers avoid mischarges and fraud.

The Challenge

Deliver a fast, safe & secure guest experience during check-in/out

The Solution

Streamline and automate front desk processes, so guests can do them themselves

Reservation & Guest Profile

Reservation & Guest Profile

Front Desk or Reservation team creates/edits a reservation in the PMS which is linked to a guest profile

Shared Data

FutureSens retrieves guest profile, reservation, pre-calculated charges, guest folio data and room number from Guestline PMS under GDPR compliance

Check-in/out Comms

FutureSens emails guests are due to arrive that day with the booking reference and QR code, so they can check-in/out on the tablet/kiosk at the property

Updated Data

FutureSens updates in real-time Guestline PMS reservation status as well as guest folio balance and profile

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