Unlocking the guest journey

With For-Sight you can unleash the full potential of the data locked within your PMS and other core systems

For-Sight Guest Engagement is a Marketing and Hotel CRM solution designed to enhance your guest experience by driving direct bookings, enhancing your data and maximising your marketing.

Our solution harvests data from your Property Management System (PMS) and other core transactional hotel systems including Point of Sale, Reputation Management, and Wifi registration to name a few. It then consistently assimilates information to create a central source of truth for each guest and their journey through every hotel touchpoint.

What this means for you...

Utilise your data 
Use the clean actionable data to help understand your guests' preferences, behaviour, the interactions they want and their potential purchases.

Engage with your guests 
Deliver fully automated, mobile-optimised marketing automation that uses your data to improve your guest journey.

Visualise performance  
Visualise and report on your campaigns, guest data and performance with our powerful reporting suite.

The Challenge

Creating a single source of truth for each guest

The Solution

Integrate your hotel systems with For-Sight, to create clean, actionable data

How it works


Run deep dive queries on your data with our easy to use and intuitive Query Engine. Save and schedule regular queries to save you time. 


Segment your data to allow you to deliver personalised omnichannel communications to your guests, enhancing their experience and driving upsell opportunities.


Delivering a personalised guest experience not only encourages brand loyalty and direct bookings but also delivers greater ROI on your marketing and less reliance on OTAs.


Design and create powerful and personalised automated marketing based on your queries and segments or triggered by time stamp or events such as check-in.

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