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For a warm, personalised & efficient welcome

Digitalise and automate the check-in process for your guests and reception team

Hotels have had to adapt to new social distancing restrictions and reduce the physical contact they have with guests, all whilst remaining hospitable and engaging. With this in mind, Guestline has partnered with EntireHotel to build a 2-way API interface between Guestline PMS and the EntireHotel check-in tablet solution. This integration provides a warm, personalised check-in experience for guests and delivers efficiencies for the hotel reception team.

What this means for you...

Data accuracy
The online check-in tablet eliminates the need for paper check-in cards, and as the data is only entered once spelling errors are minimised and all the information is consistent.

Delighted guests
Using the check-in tablet speeds up the check-in process, reduces queues and enables the receptionist to greet the guest in a personal way even under social distancing guidelines.

Environmentally friendly
Eliminates the need for paper check-in cards.

Saves time
The 2-way API PMS interface enables the check-in process to be simplified and fully automated by pre-populating the reservation and guest profile data and consequently updating the data back in the PMS if needed, keeping the PMS the source of the truth in real-time.

The Challenge

Maintaining a human and hospitable element with the guest at check-in

The Solution

Invite guests to complete the pre-populated online registration card and automatically upload the data to your PMS

How it works

Reservation & Guest Profile

All reservations across the different channels are centralised and stored in the PMS.

Shared Data

EntireHotel Check-in automatically retrieves guest profile and reservation data every 15 minutes from Guestline PMS under GDPR compliance.

Online registration form

Using the receptionist’s Check-in tablet, the guest edits, completes, signs and confirms the online form, which is pre-populated with the reservation and guest profile data from the PMS.

Updated Data

EntireHotel Check-in updates Guestline PMS reservation and guest profile in real-time.

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