Seamless guest experience

Automate and unify Hotel, Spa & Wellness operations

Over time, hoteliers have been expanding their service offering beyond bedrooms and breakfasts by providing spa, wellness and recreation experiences. And guests expect a seamless booking experience across these different hotel offerings. To deliver this experience, hoteliers must integrate the different software solutions that facilitate these bookings. Guestline has partnered with Book4Time to build the 2-way API integration between Guestline Rezlynx PMS and the Book4Time Spa & Wellness cloud platform.

What this means for you...

Enhance the Guest Experience

  • Personalise and improve the resident guest’s experience by providing a full-service offering.
  • Allow guests to settle all costs together at check-out by automatically posting charges to the room billing in the PMS.

Save Staff Time

  • Improve communication between hotel front desk and Spa & Wellness reception teams, saving time and minimising human error, which may lead to guest complaints or financial loss.
  • Finance & accounting teams get improved revenue reports within the PMS as Spa & Wellness charges are posted by total and per item.

The Challenge

Delivering a seamless guest experience across the business

The Solution

Automate and integrate spa and wellness operations with bedroom operations

How it works


All spa, treatments & classes are centralised in Book4Time.


Guest is checked-in in Book4Time.

Room posting

Book4Time looks up the guest’s room in Guestline PMS in real-time to post charges to the room billing.


When checking-out of the hotel, guests pay the full bill, which includes Spa & Wellness charges.

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