Mobile & Automated Housekeeping

Excel in the basics so you’ve got more time to focus on the guest experience

Having a clean property is a given expectation, so you must get it right. The 2-way interface between Guestline and Aavgo streamlines the housekeeping process so that your housekeepers work more efficiently, and ensures they’re on the go at all times - no need to call reception, return to the office for the next task or even carry printed reports. They can now refer to the Aavgo Housekeeping module on their mobile device to update the room status, which updates the PMS automatically. They can see which rooms need servicing next or what else needs their attention.

What this means for you...

Better Guest Experienc

  • Reports allow you to action tasks quicker so you can prioritise, notify, complete and update
  • Gain visibility over operational performance with detailed reporting to improve processes

Mobile Housekeeping

  • Specific mobile app with real-time assignment/task notifications on the go
  • Easier communication with optimised 2-way translated communication amongst the team

Saves Staff Time

  • Better prioritisation and organisation of staff workload
  • Automatic room status updates into PMS
  • Easier processes for your staff (start, take pictures, comment, complete)

The Challenge

Less loyal and more demanding guests, fearless competition and high

The Solution

Automated and integrated mobile Housekeeping with your front desk and maintenance teams

How it works

Reservation & Guest Profile

Front Desk or Reservation team creates/edits a reservation in the PMS which is linked to a guest profile

Shared Data

Aavgo retrieves guest profile and reservation data every 10 minutes from Guestline PMS under GDPR compliance

Assignment Prioritisation

Managers/Front Desk manually assign and prioritise housekeeper(s) to a room(s) by type or area(s) in Aavgo

Room Status

When housekeepers complete an assignment, Aavgo sends room status to Guestline PMS in real-time

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