GuestStay Kiosk

The ultimate self-check-in/check-out solution for independent hotels

Enhance Your Guest Experience and Streamline Operations

Empower your guests by giving them the freedom to choose when and how they want to complete the registration, check-in, and check-out process. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to convenience and efficiency.

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A seamless on-site experience

While pre-arrival digital registrations have revolutionised the hospitality industry by reducing front-desk queues, GuestStay Kiosk is designed specifically for those busy guests who prefer a seamless on-site experience.

By automating operational processes during arrival and departure, GuestStay Kiosk enables your reception teams to focus on what truly matters – providing genuine hospitality instead of being tied down by administrative tasks.

Whether you integrate the kiosk as a complementary support system alongside your classic reception or opt for it as a standalone alternative, GuestStay Kiosk caters to all types of properties.

From leisure to corporate, budget to full-service, city to countryside, every hotel can benefit from the convenience and efficiency of self-service.

Upgrade your tech stack with GuestStay Kiosk and redefine the way your guests interact with your brand.

Your Benefits

With busy hotel receptions, stretched staff and modern travelers who want to be able to complete check-in quickly without the need to queue, a self-service kiosk is a very efficient solution, which allows your guests to skip the front desk entirely- if they wish to do so.


Save Time

Reduce or eliminate friction during check-in and check-out by empowering guests to perform the tasks themselves. Guestline Kiosk with GuestStay can solve queuing frustration, improve guest satisfaction, and give your staff back time to have more meaningful interactions with hotel guests.


Maximise Efficiency

With the majority of data input completed beforehand or upon arrival, hotel staff can dedicate their undivided attention to creating memorable experiences for guests. From recommending local attractions and dining options to offering upsell packages tailored to their preferences, ensuring every guest enjoys a truly exceptional stay.


Guestline Platform

As a part of the comprehensive Guestline Platform, GuestStay Kiosk is seamlessly integrated with other modules, ensuring that when your guests register or check-in, their profile in the Property Management System (PMS) is instantly and accurately updated, including real-time payments and integrated key encoding. Say goodbye to the risks of missing or incorrect data caused by limited interfaces.

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Why Hoteliers Love GuestStay Kiosks

This project has made a fantastic start. I’m really surprised to see how positively the kiosk is being received by our guests. Features which I myself had viewed as more of a challenge, don’t pose a problem for the guests. The check-in process in particular is running smoothly and working really well. When they come to check out, the guests are really proactive and go straight to the kiosk to pay – that surprised me as well.”

Eric Neumann
Managing Director, Classik Hotel Collection

Integrated with your door locks

GuestStay Kiosk provides the most value, when integrated with your doorlocks. Here is the list of systems we work with:

Assa Abbloy/ Visionline Onity
Be-Tech OnPortal
DormaKaba (Ambiance/ Saflok) Salto
Hafele Schlagbaum
Hoist Tocono
Hotek Ventaza
Messerschmitt Walmek
Miditec Wilka
NSP Winkhaus

Need help to understand, whether your current system integrates with GuestStay Kiosk? Contact us for the most up-to-date information.  

Want to offer more self-service at your hotel? Discover the best methods and solutions in our Self-service Guide

Supercharge your hotel operations and enhance guest experience
by adding more Guestline Platform modules


Enhance the guest experience with the seamless full check-in/out solution provided by GuestStay Kiosk, perfectly complemented by the innovative features of GuestPay. Empower your guests to effortlessly pre-authorise their cards for delightful extras at the time of Check-in or conveniently settle their payments upon Check-out.

Elevate guest satisfaction and streamline your operations today with this comprehensive hospitality solution.

Direct Booking Manager (DBM)

Unlock the true potential of the Guestline Platform by seamlessly integrating our powerful Direct Booking Manager into your tech stack. Embrace control over every step of your guests' journey, from the on-line search, seamless reservation process, all the way to their effortless check-out and secure payment.

Maximize your operational efficiency and embark on a path towards success in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

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