Digital Registration - A new hotel check-in experience

The new reality can be both engaging for your guests and profitable for your hotel

A frictionless check-in experience​

Hotels must adopt new digital processes that satisfy both the guest and the hotel’s bottom line

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Adapting to a new reality: mobile, efficient and secure

As hoteliers adjust to the ‘new normal’ and implement new social distancing and safety measures, there is a concern that this will signal an impersonal and distant experience – exactly the opposite of being hospitable and guest-centric.

The “check-in” experience is the guest’s first physical interaction with a property, yet often the busiest and most complex for a hotel. This presents a challenge and under the new circumstances, hoteliers will need processes that provide a warm welcome, drive operational efficiencies and ensure compliance.​

Digital registration in a nutshell​

  • Give guests the option to avoid lengthy reception queues at check-in by completing their registration at home
  • Be compliant and avoid costly penalties related to Guest Registration and GDPR
  • Be consistent with your hotel’s branding & personalise with your logo, colours, and pictures
  • Automation at it’s best. Simple installation and fully integrated with Guestline PMS

Digital Registration Process


Guests are sent an automatic pre-arrival email/SMS with a link to fill in a registration card


Guests confirm their reservation details from any booking source, on any device


Guests uprove their pre-populated profile data, add guests, confirm their ETA and leave comments


Guests finish the registration by confirming T&Cs, privacy policy and digitally signing the form​


Reservation and guest profiles are automatically updated in the PMS and the registration card is stored​

  • Front Desk

    Deliver a warm welcome without any distractions

    • Streamline operations by asking guests to complete the registration card online, before arrival, eliminating unnecessary paperwork, pressure, and queues upon arrival
    • Deliver a consistent, on-brand, check-in experience regardless of guests’ booking channel and drive confidence by communicating information before arrival
    • Housekeeping and the front desk can plan ahead by capturing vital reservation and profile information (such as ETA, additional guests and notes)
    • Ensure your staff always have an accurate and real-time view of reservation and guest profile data, available inside Guestline Rezlynx PMS
    • Refer to registration cards whenever you need, they are automatically stored against the reservation in the PMS​
  • Guest

    Self-service registration to avoid queues upon arrival

    • Start the digital registration card at your comfort, any time (before arrival), anywhere and on any device to sail through check-in when you arrive​
    • Complete the process with ease by following the step by step registration process available in 8 different languages​
    • Take control of your profile data and stay experience by completing/editing all guest profiles, advising the hotel of your ETA, adding additional notes, and accepting and digitally signing the hotel’s T&Cs and marketing comms (GDPR).

We're delighted with GuestStay - it has been thought out really well and covers every aspect of the guest journey. It’s helped minimise the number of people in reception and has taken the pressure off the check-in process, generally making it more efficient and risk-free. The guests are now filling in their full details (including their email addresses) meaning the data is accurate, up-to-date and can be used for marketing purposes as most agree to receiving further comms from us.

Patrick Jones
General Manager, Tewkesbury Park Hotel

With GuestStay you can​:

Save More

Start the check-in process before arrival to reduce queues at reception and eliminate unnecessary paperwork at the front desk

Delight More

Drive confidence by communicating pre-arrival and improve data quality by enabling the guest to view and edit their personal profile​

Remain Compliant

Comply with latest GDPR, guest registration, COVID-19 and security regulations to avoid costly financial and reputational penalties​

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We’ve listed all our frequently asked questions here to give you a head start, but if you can’t find the answer to your query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Are there costs associated with GuestStay Digital Registration?

    Yes, GuestStay Digital Registration has a per room, per month fee (no installation fee). To find out more please contact us here.

  • Is GuestStay Digital Registration PMS agnostic?

    GuestStay Digital Registration integrates only with Guestline Rezlynx cloud PMS. See how your property can benefit from our PMS here.

  • Is GuestStay Digital Registration available for all reservations & channels?

    The Digital Registration card is sent automatically or manually to all guests regardless of where their reservation was made (i.e. OTA, direct or over the phone). If the OTA is using email masking, the field will appear blank. This gives you a chance to capture accurate data for your guests.

  • Can guest comms be customisable and automated?

    Yes, the day before the guest is due to check-in guests will automatically receive a brand email reminding them to complete their details prior to arrival. When a booking is created for arrival today or tomorrow, guests receive the pre-arrival email immediately.  Additionally, in the Guestline Rezlynx PMS “Template Editor” hoteliers can embed the registration card link as a button or hyperlink in a new or existing pre-arrival email and set up the automation rules in the “Template Automation”. Don’t worry, you will find all the information you need in our Support Portal.

  • Does the guest need to download an App?

    Good news! No app is required for your guests to download. Guests just need a device (i.e. tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop) and good internet connection (internet browser agnostic) to start the registration process in the unique URL provided via email/SMS.

  • Can the registration card be customised?

    At the moment, the solution is standard and only a few fields can be customised such as logo, colours and T&Cs. Our product team is working tireless to expand these options which we hope will be available soon in one of our regular development deployments sprints.

  • How many additional guests can be added?

    The Digital Registration card will allow you to add as many guests as the reservation has.
    For instance, if a reservation has 3 guests, it will allow up to 2 additional guests.

  • How long does it take to install?

    Installation is quick, easy and done remotely, taking three days on average. Hoteliers just need to send us the branding elements and then set up their T&Cs, email/SMS templates and automation rules in the PMS.

With GuestStay, most of the admin associated with checking in a guest is eliminated, which has enabled us to personally greet our guests on arrival and provide a more hospitable and engaging welcome. It helps us tailor our service to their needs and ensure they have everything they need for their stay instead of going through paperwork and asking them 20 questions! Also it helps the environment by saving paper and enables us to keep physical contact with guests to a minimum which is essential during these post-Covid times.

Paul Downing
Managing Director, Dart Marina Group

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