Customer Profile

The New Inn

The New Inn is located in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside and dates back to the sixteenth century. All fifteen rooms are unique and individually- furnished.

Associated with The New Inn is a number of barns that host weddings, private parties and corporate events, including Cripps Barn. Cripps Barn is an isolated 18th-Century Cotswold stone barn in the Coln Valley and hosts 180 weddings/events per year for up to 160 people.

As part of their expansion plans, the owners will be opening a new wedding venue - Healey Barn in Northumberland.


  • Since taking over in 2013 the owners have grown levels of occupancy. As a rapidly expanding business they needed a system that could cope with an elevated level of usage, which had more advanced functionality.
  • The existing system was clunky, not very user friendly and constantly crashed as a result of the additional workload.
  • Manual data input left room for human error, this led to wasted time and lost revenue due to missing or erroneous bookings.
  • Required a PMS that could integrate with other interfaces and systems automatically.
  • Required a more reliable and flexible system.



Additional revenue:

The New Inn have been able to dispense with a reception area and turn this space into a bedroom. As the system is so easy to manage, the bar staff have taken on responsibility for reception duties. This has not only saved money in terms of salary costs but has enabled them to generate additional revenue by having increased room stock.

Training and support:

The in-depth training and support that staff received during the installation has proved invaluable, the IT Manager no longer has to get involved in queries and issues surrounding the system.

Training has been filtered down to new staff so the entire team is up to the speed on making full use of the system’s functionality. The Guestline Support team have also proved beneficial at weekends when staff have had questions.

Multi-room booking functionality:

As the group own several wedding venues, the New Inn is popular with wedding guests. The system can manage individual room bookings (and their precise requirements) that are part of a larger wedding party - guests are recorded in the system as a wedding guest and as such can be offered specific rates that have been set up for the wedding party.

Seamless OTA integration:

Channel Manager has enabled them to expose their inventory to more booking channels which has helped with occupancy levels. They also benefit from the seamless integration and updating of the room inventory on these sales channels.

Reduced OTA commissions:

With Online Booking Manager, they have received more direct traffic and have been able to use the system to drive revenue through up-selling. OBM is consistent with the hotel’s website branding and staff find it easy to amend colours, room names, rates and text when necessary.

Improved reporting:

The Finance Team are now able to analyse and forecast room rates, cash flow and deposits more accurately using data from the system. Many reports are automated which also saves time.

Improved customer journey:

Customers can now book and pay for their rooms online more efficiently and safely.. PCI manager enables the hotel to take a payments and store the customer’s tokenised card details securely, all of which is processed directly into the PMS.


It now takes less time to create and manage rate plans. The system enables staff to compile rate plans in one hour rather than 2 days! As the staff at the hotel couldn’t manage large numbers of telephone bookings they utilised discounts to drive bookings online. This discounting strategy has now been discontinued , thus increasing ARR. They also set rates for specific dates, according to when peak times are e.g. when local events are on and can also create promotions for bride and groom parties. 

increased ARR
reduced OTA commission
improved reporting