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Peach Pubs

Peach Pubs is a collection of award winning pubs, mainly in market towns in the heart of England that serve good quality food and drink in relaxed, welcoming surroundings. Four of their pubs provide accommodation with a total of 60 rooms:-

Rose & Crown - Warwick
The Fleece - Witney
The Embankment - Bedford
The Richard Onslow - Cranleigh


The group were predominantly a food and drink led operation. When they developed accommodation at their pubs, they wanted to implement a system to manage all bookings and centralise operations so they could co-ordinate room sales from one location.

They wanted to ensure that the food and beverage managers on site remained focussed on F&B sales and didn’t get too distracted with accommodation operations.

The group felt it was essential to have an online booking system to handle the rise in online reservations.


Guestline installed a fully integrated solution incorporating:-



All room reservations are handled centrally by one team saving time and resources at each individual site. In addition to the central reservation team, the pubs can still take enquiries and bookings which are updated on the system in real time to avoid any over bookings or inaccurate availability.

Channel bookings:

The team can manage and flex bookings coming in from specific channels. The system provides thorough reporting so the team can understand where the bookings are coming from and focus their efforts accordingly, closing out specific channels if necessary. They aim to convert all bookings from online travel agents (OTAs) into direct bookings when they re-book to reduce OTA commissions.

Increased room rates:

By analysing booking channels, availability and occupancy levels, they can manage rates and drive margins to ensure they’re achieving maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.

Occupancy boosted:

Peach Pubs now run at 80% occupancy which is an increase of 20% since installing Guestline’s Rezlynx to manage operations.

PCI compliant:

Guestline’s PCI manager helps eliminate credit card fraud. Since installation, the group haven’t experienced any fraud and they can now take advanced bookings and room hold guarantees safely and securely.

Helpful support team:

Whenever Peach have questions or need further information, Guestline’s support team guide them through everything to ensure they’re up to speed and operating at maximum efficiency.

Guestline’s systems help us manage and drive room bookings and allows us to concentrate on our core food and beverage business. When set up effectively, rates are easy to manage and flex to drive profitability. The Channel Manager has widened our exposure through multiple online agents and it’s easy to learn how to manage channels and perform like a hotelier as opposed to operating like just a pub.

Hamish Stoddart
Operations Director and Owner 

PCI compliant
rise in occupancy
increased room rates