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Karma Sanctum Soho 

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel is an oasis of comfort, style and sophistication in the heart of London’s buzzing West End.

Two beautiful Georgian town houses have been converted into a sumptuous 30-bedroom boutique hotel – an exclusive and extravagant playpen for the most discerning of guests.

Facilities include a Rooftop Terrace, which features a 24-hour bar and hot tub, and the Wild Heart restaurant.


  • Server issues - with their old on-premise solution, the hotel regularly incurred problems when the server went down and restricted their access to the system.
  • Manual system – their old system lacked automation and involved too much manual
    inputting which was time consuming and open to error.
  • Lack of integration – the hotel wanted a more efficient, multi-functional property management system that seamlessly integrated with a channel manager.
  • Overseas support –their previous supplier’s support team were based in Germany and took over 24 hours to respond. The hotel needed a more prompt, local support facility.



Higher rates:

The average daily room rate has increased by £30 since the system was installed (1 and ½ years ago) going from an ADR of £170-185 net to £200 net.

The hotel can now manipulate rates to drive revenue during peak seasons and have the ability to flex the rates instantly. Any changes are made in real-time and reflected online immediately. They can also change theroom descriptions and photos to attract better rates.

Increased revenue:

Guestline eliminated the need for several IT and marketing suppliers – Guestline incorporated everything they needed into one system.

The PMS integration with their online booking engine saved them time and gave the hotel the opportunity to take their customer service levels one step further.

Improved rates:

With average occupancy of 85% across the year, their average monthly revenue budget has increased by 15-20%.

Direct bookings:

With the online booking module and simple rate adjustments, the hotel are attracting more online
bookings and have reduced the ratio of OTA bookings by 20%. It is easy to close out channels and add restrictions with one button..

Secure payments:

They are now able to take advanced payments online through a secure, PCI compliant gateway.

By taking a credit card number at the reservation stage, the hotel can also charge for no-shows, eradicating any lost revenue.


The hotel profits from offering a variety of upsells like Champagne, afternoon tea and brunch at the point of booking. They are easy to create and set up with a photo and description. This was something theycouldn’t offer online before.

Improved accessibility:

The system can be accessed easily on a mobile or tablet, anywhere in the hotel or off-site. Maintenance and housekeeping update the system online when work has been carried out on rooms and rooms have been made up for new guests.


With the in-depth reporting function, it is easy to forecast and plan rates and restrictions accordingly. The end of the day reports drill down to minutiae detail and have been set up bespoke to the hotel’s requirements.

Easy to use:

It is easy to access all areas of the system whether you are reception or back office. There is a clear dashboard displaying all arrival, departures and bookings and a simple reservation search by guest name and number to ensure check-ins are handled promptly. The hotel can restrict access to the system too.


The system integrates with the hotel PMS so any bar and restaurant sales for guests are seamlessly charged to their rooms.

Guest communication:

This has improved with booking confirmations automatically being delivered to guests. Pre-stay emails(promoting upsells and special offers) and post-stay emails (with incentives to return) are sent to guests.

Channel management:

Through the channel manager, the hotel can easily close out channels, manage availability and rates to sell down to the last room. The hotel also receive bookings from the Karma Group’s main website.

UK support:

The support team are helpful and quick to respond to any questions the hotel have.

All our processes are now automated and help us save time and money - our staff have more time to dedicate to other areas of the business to improve the customer experience. By managing rates and channels more effectively, ADR and occupancy has improved and we have boosted sales of added-value products.

The system is multi-functional, yet intuitive and easy to use. Overall, the system has benefitted many areas of the business and we are thrilled that we made the switch.

Ani Chirita
Room Divisions Manager

Revenue increase
PCI secure payments
Increase in ADR