Customer Profile:

Corus Hotels Group

Guestline had an existing relationship with Corus Hotels and when their existing system failed Guestline were invited to pitch for the supply of a Property Management System for nine of their hotels.


To implement a Property Management System that could be applied to a series of hotels but operating from one location.

The required flexibility and remote access from any place at any one time.

The PMS system needed to be fully integrated with the EPoS and PCI Manager systems and one which could utilise the mobile and remote working functionality.

Reduce overhead costs through the installation of channel and distribution management software which could manage rate and revenue from one place for multiple properties.

The new technology needed to be provided by a company which had an excellent training operation and would also have the ability to continuously amend and develop the technology to suit the needs of the business.

Client journey:

Corus had one existing system which was failing. They implemented a second system but found later that it had not been tested and the trainers and support staff could not support their needs to the standard they required.

Corus began working with Guestline in Jan 2011 and installation of the Guestline Property Management System began in March 2011 on nine existing site. The differences between the operating systems were evident immediately and within four months of working on the project Guestline and Corus had built a very good rapport.

After the success of Rezlynx PMS (Guestline in-house PMS system) Corus decided to install a further four products from Guestline, the PCI Manager, Channel and Distribution Manager, Corporate portal and the EPoS system.


Guestline installed a completely integrated hospitality management package which provided the following solutions:


  • Rates managed from one place by one person (but with the flexibility of remote working).
  • Previously relied on FIT rate – removed FIT and used Channel and Distribution Manager to drive business from the online travel agencies (OTA’s), and manage revenue and rates – this increased average daily rate in London by £12.
  • All systems are managed from one place.
  • Generate and increase revenue through better OTA and rate management rates.
  • Working from one place, anywhere and anytime.
  • More flexible and efficient working patterns.
  • Greater integrated reporting systems.
  • One-to-one relationship with support and training team.
  • Bespoke products and software developments made to support all the needs of the hotel.
  • Corus Hotels also increased the average daily rate for their 8 provincial hotels by introducing occupancy driven rates by lead-time, which both Rezlynx PMS and Channel & Distribution Manager offer as part of the integrated rate functionality module.

The results:

  • Full implementation of Guestline products across 10 
    Corus Hotels, including the 389 bedroom Corus Hyde 
  • Increased average daily room rates by £12 year to date.
  • 80% of new upgrades to the next version of Rezlynx is a 
    result for the requests Corus has made.


  • The installation of Hyde Park was based upon the other nine hotel installs with London property requirements taken on board. Full cover was given for week and a half after go live.
  • The training and support teams at Guestline worked directly with the operations team at Corus Group to install, train and provide technical assistance throughout the whole of the installation process.
  • This level of operational support is not only offered in the initial installation period but throughout the whole of the on-going working relationship between Corus and Guestline.
  • Corus’ portfolio of properties utilising Guestline solutions include:
    • Laura Ashley The Belsfield Hotel, Windermere - 64 rooms
    • Burnham Beeches Hotel, Burnham - 82 rooms
    • Corus Hyde Park, London - 389 rooms
    • The Regency Hotel, Solihull - 111 rooms
    • The Hillcrest Hotel, Widnes - 50 rooms
    • The Imperial Crown, Halifax - 40 rooms
    • The Old Golf House, Huddersfield - 51 rooms
    • The St. James Hotel, Grimsby - 124 rooms
    • The Chase Hotel, Coventry - 65 rooms
    • Laura Ashley The Manor Hotel, Elstree - 49 rooms

The Rezlynx system has met all of our expectations and more and we are very excited about the next update version, which incorporates many of our suggestions and enable us to continue to work on a multi property site and with larger hotels such as the Corus Hyde Park with 389 rooms.

We have seen direct savings following the installation of Guestline products, as well as increased revenue through more bookings at a higher rate.

We operate on a much more flexible basis which enables us to be far more efficient as we grow and adapt to changes within the industry.

Corus Hotel Group