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Roadchef Days Inn

Roadchef’s budget hotel chain, Days Inn, offers guests the best value accommodation on the motorway. You will find a Days Inn hotel at 16 Roadchef locations across Britain.

Offering family friendly hotel accommodation throughout the UK all of the hotels combine the best in modern conveniences with the comfort of a family style lodging. The majority of hotels are based very near or on some of the countries busiest and most used motorways and main roads.


Their preference was to have one vendor who would be able to provide fully integrated solutions for all their booking and hotel management needs.

The group required solutions to be adapted for their specific requirements to ensure they connected to online travel agencies and interfaced with the Wyndham Hotels booking platform.

Roadchef wanted to be assured of ongoing operational support and assistance whenever they required it.

The team wanted to improve their focus and drive for hotel operations rather than just be a motorway services accommodation provider.



Rate growth:

They have grown average room rates by 12% in the last year by being able to easily flex and manipulate rates across all the channels.

Operational efficiency:

The system is efficient and with the numerous automated processes, the number of manual tasks have been reduced which has saved the staff time.

The systems are multi-functional and versatile and the support team help them take full advantage of all the different modules.

Adaptable and flexible:

The group have opened two hotels in the past 12 months and the systems have expanded as their operations have grown. The systems are flexible and will continue to serve their needs as they open new sites.

Secure and seamless:

With the solutions being PCI compliant, Roadchef are safe in the knowledge their data is secure and the reservations from the Wyndham interface connection are distributed seamlessly into their systems.


Downtime is phenomenally low. Roadchef’s Revenue Manager had experienced numerous problems with the three other PMS systems he’s used previously with regular downtime which was very disruptive and caused the business no end of issues. They are now confident in the capabilities of the Guestline system and how it is hosted and don’t feel the need for back-ups or print outs.

Single vendor:

By having one single supplier managing all their platforms, all their channel bookings (including those from the Wyndham interface) are transferred seamlessly into their PMS. With their connection to Wyndham Hotels, Guestline have embraced a unique situation and adapted the system to accept their bookings.


The systems are regularly updated and the technology is innovative and attune to their needs as a hotel group. Guestline have adapted the system to improve the processes that were needed e.g. room chart layouts and large group check ins which the front desk team can now undertake swiftly and efficiently in one slick process.


The refresher training that the 16 General Managers recently undertook has enabled the managers to operate their businesses more efficiently, along with learning the latest functionality and sharing best practice.


Reports are in depth and data rich. The team can filter them according to what they want to analyse and focus on and then just export all the data onto a csv file to manipulate accordingly.


Although regular support calls aren’t needed, when the team do require assistance, Guestline’s support team offer helpful advice and go above and beyond, working hard for them. The Guestline account managers maintain close contact and provide regular product updates.

We are pleased with the close knit support offered by the Guestline team and delighted with what they have done for us.

They’re not just providing a forward thinking, innovative product, they provide essential back up and strategic advice to help drive our business forward. It’s a comfort to know someone is there to help.

I’ve been in this business over 25 years, and the service I receive from Guestline is first class.

Kieran Whyte
Roadchef Days Inn Revenue Manager

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