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Richardson Hotels

Richardson Hotels are a collection of five award winning hotels, situated in some of the UK’s most stunning locations on the Devon and Cornwall coasts. Their properties include:-

  • The Falmouth Hotel, Cornwall
  • The Fowey Hotel, Cornwall
  • The Grand Hotel, Torquay
  • The Grosvenor Hotel, Torquay
  • The Metropole Hotel, Padstow


To drive occupancy the group required a new distribution platform to expose inventory across multiple online travel agencies. The incumbent supplier’s distribution solution was too expensive and had limited functionality.

An interface to a third party channel manager was also cost prohibitive for the group. Consequently, they researched the market for a more cost effective and multi-functional channel manager.

The group also required consistency in their systems across all of hotels to help them streamline and centralise operations, along with an online booking engine that would drive direct bookings.

They also needed to improve reporting across the group to give them further insights into operations and help them to make strategic decisions.


The group opted for an entirely new property management system that featured a fully integrated distribution platform, from one supplier.

Guestline installed a full turnkey solution:-


Solid investment: 

Guestline’s business model represented a lower cost of ownership and proved a more financially viable option for the group. This made changing the entire system a sound investment.

One supplier:

The group’s preferred option was for one fully integrated solution throughout their entire portfolio from one supplier, which Guestline could deliver. Previously, when they used multiple suppliers and interfaces, suppliers wouldn’t take responsibility for issues and it was costlier.

Increased rates & exposure:

Through Guestline’s distribution manager, the group can expose all their inventory across multiple channels to drive direct bookings, which are then seamlessly transferred into the PMS. The online booking manager enables the group to drive repeat business direct.

The group manage and flex rates across all channels quickly and effectively, which has generated additional revenue and occupancy.


As the solutions are a lot simpler than the previous systems, it has been easier for the staff to learn and start using them immediately. Staff understand the systems and are comfortable using all the different modules.

Centralised functionality:

It was essential that the new systems offered centralisation to enable one reservation team to deal with bookings and enquiries for the entire group. Additionally, each site can access the PMS to process bookings and manage front of house operations.

Conference & banqueting capabilities:

Rezlynx PMS incorporates conference and banqueting functionality, so the group didn’t require a separate interface, saving them money. Three of the hotels that run larger events and conferences, installed Rezlynx Advanced Conference & Banqueting module to improve forecasting, planning and manage combined conference and bedroom bookings. Staff use the function sheets and contracts which saves them administration time.


The group have implemented Guestline’s EPoS software without having to change their tills, so they can benefit from advanced software functionality without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

Integrated spa bookings:

The group are growing their spa facilities, so required an interface to manage the bookings that would integrate with Rezlynx PMS. As a hotel guest’s treatments now appear on the room invoice, the billing process has been simplified.

Ongoing innovation:

The group benefit from Guestline’s constant stream of new software developments. Guestline are open to suggestions and keen to hear new ideas from the group to help further enhance operations, especially when the group grow and diversify through property improvements and new services.

Improved marketing:

Rezlynx allows the group to upload online packages and promotions to boost revenue. They regularly use promotional codes and can measure ROI for specific marketing activities. They utilise the Rezlynx database and integrated email templates for direct mail purposes to drive direct bookings online, communicate guest information, encourage upsells and to boost bookings in the winter when occupancy is lower.

Improved connectivity:

They were terminal server based previously and connectively was poor especially at the hotels that don’t have fibre broadband. They are experiencing improved connectivity with the Guestline systems as they are all cloud hosted.

Smooth install:

The systems were installed across all hotels in the group over a 2 week period and within 3 months of placing the order. Each site was setup separately and there was no downtime or disruption to normal service.

Secure transactions:

With Guestline’s PCI compliant solutions, all transactions and data are processed safely and securely, minimising the risk of credit card fraud and lost revenue.

Although we’d only had our previous systems for 5 years, the commercial arrangement that Guestline presented to us was too good an opportunity for us not to consider.

We were keen to explore options to help us drive bookings through multiple channels and increase direct bookings through our own website. The Guestline business model and lower cost of ownership proved the most cost effective solution to satisfy our group-wide requirements and allowed us to switch systems with minimal risk.

We were pleased with the efficient installation and how versatile the systems are – my team have been able to pick them up in no time at all and utilise the range of functionality to its full potential.

Robin Williams
Group Financial Controller Richardson Hotels

sound investment
increased online bookings
single supplier