Customer Profile

Brend Hotel Group

Brend Hotels is a family run company that owns and manages a collection of luxury hotels. The group includes eleven hotels and two restaurants across Devon and Cornwall. Each hotel is unique yet each offers the same exceptional service and care.


  • A central, web-based solution that delivers an enhanced guest experience and reduced costs for the hotel chain - accessible from any location.
  • Implement a system that incorporates central reservation capabilities.
  • Real-time head office management reporting.
  • Seamless cross-property booking facility.
  • Drive live online reservations through the Brend Hotels’ website and various online channels.
  • Install a system complied with the latest PCI-DSS standards.


Completely integrated cloud based solution comprising:-


  • Fully integrated, single system across all properties.
  • Bookings are seamlessly integrated back into the system in real time - they no longer need to update availability on all channels manually.
  • All systems are centralised and managed from one place - one person can now manage the rates and availability for all properties.
  • Increased revenue through better OTA and rate management strategies.
  • More flexible and efficient working patterns.
  • Comprehensive management reports, including key performance reports with vital information for the Auditors, previously unavailable.
  • One-to-one relationship with support and training team. On-going training has enabled new staff to quickly learn the PMS.
  • Bespoke product and software developments made to support all the needs of the hotel.
  • Brend Hotels has continued to improve its PMS by adding new functions as per customer feedback.

The Guestline platform has allowed us to substantially reduce operational costs, save time and simultaneously improve our customer experience through enhanced guest profiling, elimination of double bookings and greatly improved guest communications.

One of the biggest advantages has been, unlike traditional PMS, the Guestline web-based system is one complete solution that can automate everything from rate management, rate parity, two-way distribution management and customer communications.

Tony Clarke
IT Group Sales and Revenue Manager