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Shannon College of Hotel Management

Shannon College of Hotel Management is a college of NUI Galway and offers Degrees in International Hotel Management.

Based in Co. Clare, Ireland, the college offer two Level 8 degrees, preparing students for careers in business and hotel management. The college focusses on intensive practical training (including training on PMS and distribution systems), extensive business studies and work placements, which ensures students graduate with a bachelor’s business degree and 21 months of relevant experience. 


  • They needed a system that was recognisable in the market and widely used so the students had the most relevant experience and training for when they started their hotel career

  • It needed to be multi-functional so the students learnt a variety of attributes and aspects of  a PMS



Fresh and modern dashboard:

With tech savvy students, the system had to look the part and be easy to navigate – the students have given it their seal of approval and say the system has a contemporary look and feel.

Flexible and multi-functional:

The students are now exposed to additional features (like Conference and Banqueting modules and rate management) they didn’t have before and there’s more to explore with Rezlynx PMS to broaden their abilities. The students can easily make changes in the systems and adapt them to reflect ‘real-life’ situations, which helps widen their knowledge and gives them experience of multiple scenarios. 

Workplace ready:

The students may use Rezlynx PMS when they are on workplace placements so can immediately put their training into practice, which again helps them cement their knowledge and gives them even more standing when starting their hotel career. The majority of students go abroad on placements so had to be trained on a system that was familiar in different market places too. Rezlynx PMS gives the students the opportunity to emulate real-life hotel experiences of working on a front desk. 

Intuitive systems:

The students find it intuitive to use and easy to pick up. This term, in the first lesson, the pupils were making reservations and checking in guests after only 2 hours of training.

Future proofed:

The College wanted a long-term system partner and were assured by Guestline’s heritage and commitment to grow their presence in the market place. Guestline regularly update and upgrade the systems to ensure the software is innovative and offering the most up-to-date functionality.

Efficient training and support:

The training the College received was comprehensive and thorough. Everything was explained clearly so the lecturers felt confident to train the students on the systems. When they send through questions to the Support team, they are promptly looked into.

We needed a system that was widely recognised in Ireland that was highly regarded so our students learnt on the most effective platform. With its exhaustive functionality, which is easily adaptable to our training demonstrations, the students have the best induction and preparation for their hotel career.

Guestline represented great value for money and we are confident that it will provide us with a prompt return on our investment with its continual upgrades and innovations.

The college has committed to students that they will be in an excellent position to reach their highest potential and training on Guestline’s systems will help us 
achieve this.

Tracy Hegarty

Future proofed 
Intuitive interface
Continual upgrades